Alpine Lake Sunday

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  1. I decided to hit one of my old faves today. Solo trip.
    I have fished it for about 22+ yrs, and make at least one trip a year to keep the streak alive.

    I left the house and 75 minutes later i rolled into the parking site, i was the only car. I made good time on the hike up into the lake.

    I trolled around and would get random hits, and then nothing for a while . I stop the troll and started stripping line..... Bingo. Over 50+ hits today, 35 tug o wars and 25 landed.
    I was doing well with something red, so i went thru the boxes and fished 5 diff bugs that all landed fish. I switched out to a black with flash WB that did the job too.

    Crystal clear deep lake with cold water. The fish fought very well and gave many aerial displays. Nothing under 11" and nothing over 16".

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  2. Nice. Species?
  3. Matt

    Rainbows.... fat, healthy and lively.
  4. Here are some more pics from Sunday's trip.

    The glass lake, the great views and myself, not another human for miles.

    The other pic... the mirror image on the water with the logs floating at the reflection line made it an odd looking photo.

    The waterfall on the trail to the lake, its a trickle this time of year.

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  5. Beautiful lake. Nice photos. You can't fish. It doesn't get much better than that.
  6. So the name of the lake is Alpine Lake? As in the Alpine Lakes wilderness area?

    Thanks! --Phil
  7. Phil its a lake at about 4000 ft. Not in alpine lake wilderness.... just a lake up near Mt Rainier.
  8. Brookies or rainbows? I had a drive to lake in Mt Rainier that held a bunch of brookies. Was crystal clear and a "sort of" boat launch good enough for me to slide my canoe in on.
  10. Nice, wish I was in town. When is the next trip. Did u bring your big toon up there. Count me in. U know I can't catch anything so it won't hurt your catch rate.

  11. I plan on Friday or Saturday to fish some mnt lake.... lets talk dates and times. I would prefer to hit any mnt lake over our usual haunts. I can be tempted to drive just about anywhere.
    I have my one man show for the hikes. i have a bigger inflated if you are willing to lug that beast up the hill.

    Dont count the Cowlitz out of the picture, at 2250cfm, its an easy float to my spot and back up with the big motor.

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