Alright you spey bums...fill me in here???

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by pwoens, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. are you checking the water temps an dfish counts b4 you leave as hot as thios year has been this year could be late? been there like 10 years in a row alwys seems to be a different week or ven month is best even been snowed on and still caught fish as to the spey thing for me its 2 hands for big water or streams with no room to backcast if I lived on the east side I'd want 1 doublehander for the large Idaho rivers, snake salmon and clearwater for the clearwater manly so you don't have to wade too much seems to me the bottom of that river is made up of bowling balls covered in snot
  2. Pwoens, spey rods, by their nature, require heavier lines than typical single-hand rods. They too come in a variety of rated line sizes, but it starts and runs higher than one-handers. The lightest lined spey I know of is the new Sage 5-weight, and that's as specialized as a 1-weight one-handed midge rod. You typically see spey rods of 6-9-weight used for "summer" conditions, and 10-12 used for big river, monster fish, "winter" fishing.

    If the gathering being discussed here comes together, you should try to attend. You'll learn more in a few hours than you could here, by far. A beginning spey caster needs instruction as much as a novice skier or golfer.
  3. Did some one say Speyclave?????????????
    If I can help just let me know.
    I will get a few of the rods off the Tryrack just let me know where and when.

  4. I would love to be a part of another Spey Gizmo. We should set it up more like a rodeo, with events. Me and Oldman Jim could face off with a couple of timers behind us and settle this, "whose fly is in the water the longest" crap once and for all. And it would include the time it takes Jim to tie on new flies when his backcasts go below 9 O'clock (remember Jim, I love ya like brother). We could do competitions of distance, style, number of casts in ones arsenal etc. Or we could just have fun.

    I will bring the Sage 12' #5(5120) and 15' #10(10150 older model but a real cannon), Loop Yellow Line 14' #9(9140-4A) and 12' #8(8124), Dec Hogan's Flylogic 13' #7(1307) and a St. Croix 14' #10 in case any y'all are thinking of going the cheap route.(If I were to add one rod it would be the Scott ARC 9 wt.)

    For line I will bring midspey, windcutter, airflo, and shooting head sytems from airflo and rio. I would love to take the time to let everyone try my stuff if it will help them from making purchases they would regret later.

    So what do you say fella's, when we gonna do this rodeo at Ben Howard?


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  5. I'd vote for Sunday next week given a choice. Late morning, so that the energetic types can fish early, and the devout among us can darken the door of a chapel before coming over? 10:30? I could also make it Saturday if people prefer that.

    On the Sky, Ben Howard is a fine choice because of location and sheer size although most newbies will find the going better on the other side of the river, assuming most of you are right handed. Usually I try to get beginner RH casters on river right. But, if the wind is up it won't really matter.

    Pwoens (sp), you started this whole thing. Do you have a preference for days? Can you make it next weekend?

    Speybum, I was going to email someone over there to see if you wanted to participate so I am glad you saw this. I would love to cast one of your Loop rods.

  6. Sunday would be out for me on such short notice.
    Saturday is a different story I just close up shop and go.
    If the weather is nice expect lot of tubers.
  7. Well, then let's plan for next Saturday instead because you would definitely be able to help some of these folks.

  8. Are foreigners from north of the forty-nine welcome? I'd sure like to attend and learn something about the Sky and spey at the same time.

    For when sleeping I dream of big fish and strong fights.Tacitus
  9. Let me gain clarification on dates here??

    This sounds like an awesome idea!!!!

    I need clarification on dates cause my mind is meager and I im not sure im following which weekend is being referrenced. If it is the weekend of the 16th and 17th of August, I will not be able to attend. I am being graced by the presence of the almighty and all knowing, Sparse Grey Hackle, once again. I have to hold his hand and take him into some pristine Idaho waters. ;) (in which, any else interested is welcome to join us as the waters are long and full of big fish).

    ~Patrick ><>
  10. Let me gain clarification on dates here??

    It looks like Saturday August 16, 2003 Ben Howard starting around 10:00 AM
    I have been working on getting things organize and will try to get some Instructors to help those who would like it.
    May get a Dry-Fly Steelhead presentation and a casting demo or two.

    Pwoens I know you started this and will not be able to make it but there will be another on Sept. 20th time and place to be announced.

    Ps Everyone is welcome the more the merrier.
  11. Let me gain clarification on dates here??

    I saw a spey rod on ebay for less than $200. It's a St. Croix, 14ft, 9wt. I like the 9wt. since this will only be used for the big waters we have on the O.P. Give me some good vibes and it's a done deal. But, if caution is suggested, then I'm still looking. I put a lot of trust in you guys!
    Bob, the Speyless one.
    ;( ;(
  12. Let me gain clarification on dates here??

    Your not the only speyless one Bob...

    Harleydeen, one of the speyless ones:bawling
  13. Let me gain clarification on dates here??

    Oh man you guys, I have the family reunion this weekend. Not going to make it to Ben Howard if I'm at confluence state park this weekend.

    I have that St. Croix you can try and a few others. We should hook up later and let you play with them. I wouldn't buy another St Croix, but go to the Spey Clave if you can and try some of those others. If I were to do it again I'd buy a Sage 9140 on ebay instead of the St. Croix. Try to target about half retail, but there is always some bozo bidding 400 or better for them. Sometimes though, there will be a sleeper come through that never gets above 300 or so. Personally I think a brand new yellow line Loop 8124 for 380 would be the ticket for a beginner. But it is not a beginner rod.


    "Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell
  14. OK, just as a final reminder. We will see some collection of you lot at Ben Howard on the Sky at 10 am on Saturday. Here's hoping some of you will show up and do some casting. Otherwise, Speybum and I are going fishing.

  15. I'm hoping to come Aaron. Got my kids sprung on me (my ex wife is bringing them home a week early). So, depends on them. Not sure they want to sit and watch their Dad WATCH a speyclave. LOL. But I'm hoping to show up.
  16. Oh Shoot oh dear

    An office move, phase of the moon, and availability of movers has messed this up for me. Jim, your donuts will be in Bothell. Hope all have a good time.

  17. WHERE'S THE CLAVE??? Directions??????

    I did a search for Ben Howard, and got the road. I assume it's there in Monroe (I don't usually fish up that way so not familiar). If someone reads this in the AM, please verify. Will double check before I leave. Gonna show up for sure now.


    PS, I'm coming from Tacoma.
  18. WHERE'S THE CLAVE??? Directions??????

    For those of you who haven't been to a spey clave, I highly recommend going! It's an excellent chance to learn how to cast a spey rod for free! I've been to two of Aaron's spey claves so far, and they've been excellent. I learned how to spey cast at one back in December... Wish I could go to this one, but I have a meeting with some pink salmon on the beach. have a blast!


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