Alright you spey bums...fill me in here???

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by pwoens, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. WHERE'S THE CLAVE??? Directions??????

    Ok, found the directions. But, had a mishap this AM. Thanks to my ex. She called and said she may have to drop kids off this AM. Finally she called around 1pm saying she wouldn't have to. So, maybe next time.
  2. I thought this little shindig turned out pretty good. Speybum and Speyman, thanks for making it official and bringing the try rack. I never pass up the opportunity to cast a few new rods. The Loops and CNDs were pretty sweet. I hope the beginners there learned a little bit, despite the wind.

  3. Well I enjoyed it although I didn't try out any rods. I guess I don't want people to see me making a ass out of myself. I just can't seem to get myself committed to a spey rod. I probably just need a nudge but it hasen't come yet(the nudge). I learned about the waking fly thing and how to apply the riffle hitch. SO even though I didn't do the Spey rod thing it was an enjoyable time.

    And Bart I didn't even miss the donuts.

  4. I would like to thank those of you who showed up the Mini-Clave.
    I always enjoy casting and the coaching.
    Always learn some thing my own same self.
    Old Man any time you want some coaching let me know.
    We are looking toward September for another one.
    Thanks again guys.


  5. Maybe by then that nudge will show up


  6. Thank you circlespey and speybum for organizing this Mini-spey clave, and whomever initiated it. }(
    It's always amazing to see a pro casting a miles away with such an ease, and dream of it you can do it someday. Dry fly demo is interesting, gona apply Jack's (?) theory about the mending next time. Got chances to try some of the rods, though the wind really wore me out, especially with the extended long belly line, I really enjoyed my short stay. Thanks guys, can't wait for the next one!
  7. I am gradually becoming a spey convert for much of my fishing. I especially enjoy spey fishing in saltwater where I now have less concern over my back cast interfering with people's freedom on the beach. ( I do feel that flyfishers should be respecting other people's use of the beaches by limiting their back casts and not causing people to have to move around the caster.This would include not encroaching on "gear" fishers, who have been there for nearly 200 years.)

    I find the big advantage to spey casting in the ability to effectively manipulate the line in river fishing. As for covering more water, I am not so sure this is so. I think it is true that I cover some of the same( single handed rod) water with a spey rod now more effectively.The downside to spey fishing is that the longer lever gives the fish an advantage, and I see many fish get overplayed because of this. So as Robert Ruark said about big game hunting: "Use enough gun" ( and match the rod to the gamefish you are pursuing). I use a 14' nine weight Sage, in four piece. It is a slower action rod. I do have the Rio lines, several, and the Wulff lines. I like the long Triangle taper though it's not easy to mend. I am going to spend the next season with a traditional no-frills double-taper line just for kicks. I originally tried that and loved it. So I am going to include that in my game, along with the Rio Spey lines, Windcutter and it's upgrade, Mid Spey etc. If you pbserve some of the really great old fashioned spey casters, especially from England and the U.K., you will see that a double taper flyline works really wel in the hands of a good caster. I am a floating line junky too, so that's part of my thinking. Even in winter.

    The spey cast is based on the roll cast, though it is more dynamic. The roll cast proper is a static cast.

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