Alternative for feathers?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Daryle Holmstrom, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. I buy 200 yards of chenile for $1, schlappen for a buck a bundle ect. from michaels. Not high quality stuff, but it certainly helps with the sticker shock.
  2. Guess I wasn't too clear, I was referring to the goose biots and pheasent skins. Golden Ringneck, and Amerherst . I don't know the quality but the price is right even if you want to decorate your favorite fly or christmas tree. LOL
  3. I use craft shop Turkey feathers for shell backs and Ostrich feathers from craft stores for many flies I have looked at the Goose Biots and it looks like about half would be usable but I already have plenty of them on hand for now. The rest of the feathers I have seen in the craft shops did not look very good at all and I would rather get better ones from a fly shop even if they cost a little more. I would not even consider mail or internet craft store items because since they are chosing their feather for crafts and not fly tying, its really hit or miss getting good feathers from them.
  4. On the web site you posted, the price of the pheasant crests and pelts is nothing special. Very standard prices.
    If I were to pay standard price without being able to inspect before purchase I would want a considerable discount.
    Unless it was from an online dealer that I was had bought from before and knew from experience that I could rely on their quality.

    There are some good deals to be had at craft shops but you need to review the offerings first hand.

  5. I have heard that some craft shop materials are dyed with a water soluable dye and lose there color when fished.
  6. I have noticed that some feathers from fly shops bleed a fair amount as well..
  7. Unless you are going to buy a lot of feathers (like at least 1/2 pounds of the same feathers) or a lot of pheasant tails (like at least 100 of them) so you can sort through them and toss the junk, it isn't worth it. As has been mentioned, their prices on G.P. necks and crests are really standard and no different from a fly shop; however, you can't see them before buying so you have to take the good with the bad and downright ugly.

    I mean when was the last time any fly tyer needed to buy a pound of marabou (which is a nice sized garbage bag full of feathers) of a single color or 100 pheasant tails? It is actually far more economical to buy the stuff at the local fly shop where you know it is going to be decent quality and where you can see before you buy than to buy from these large feather dealers. The exception to this of course would be someone who is commercial tying woolley bugger or ESL's that goes through pounds of things like marabou every year.

    Sure $96.00 for a pound of 4"-6" marabou sounds nice; but can you honestly use that much in a lifetime?
  8. What, you guys don't make boas as well as flies! Hmm, maybe I should rethink how I'm spending my free time! ;)

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