Am I wasting my time? Last minute pointers?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by daveypetey, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Hey all. I am down to my last 2 weeks in Seattle before moving to the rockies, and will be driving away next Saturday. My current work schedule doesn't have me arriving at the Children's Hospital in Laurelhurst until 7:45-ish. I am thinking I will hit up LP every morning until I leave starting at about 5am until about 6:45. Am I completely in a pipe dream about getting into a lone early pink? Any other spots I could reasonable get back to the Children's hospital to be 7:45 and still get a few good hours of fishing in?

  2. Set your sights higher...there are a few Coho being caught.
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  3. Sounds like a plan! You might catch something. At least you'll be starting your day out right!
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  4. Get there as early as possible, making a few casts before the sun comes up can be productive, especially if you have glow-in-the-dark clousers :D
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  5. Which I do. :)
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  6. I think it's well worth it. The worst that can happen is you can be awake and spending a beautiful, early morning on the sound!
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  7. You are moving just in time to avoid the pink run.
  8. I think you are in a pipe dream about getting a pink, but there are other fish to be had there. I've fished the beach the last couple of days and several people come down and ask if I'm fishing for pinks; the anticipation is amazing. This is the best time to fish down there because the beach is still empty of fishermen and there are a few fish species available. I would think though that you have some N Seattle beaches to choose from too that would be closer to work and allow you a little more time. Not to mention the start time you have is a little late for this time of year, you can get to the beach a little earlier than 5.

  9. What department do you work in, that hospital is huge now with the new wing, depending on where you work, you might be able to squeeze 10 or 15 more minutes into your fishing.
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  10. So true. I am an anesthesiology fellow.
  11. Don't know what flies you are using, but you might something like this for coho and/or kings. It's ugly, but this one saw a lot of coho last year. Most of them before the sun hit the water. Substitute white bucktail for glow material and good luck!
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  12. Thanks man. I caught a number of coho last year on a very similar pattern. Hopefully one or two more wander through the central sound beaches in the next week b
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  13. Update: still no pinks or coho. But did see a big boy jump just past my casting range and one small, strong rezi to hand this morning. Tried the glow in dark clousers for a bout 30 min before sun up without any luck. It still makes for a great start to the day.
  14. You inspired me to get up at 3:45am to fish my local beach today. Caught two rockfish at low tide (first for me) and saw a couple salmon roll out of casting distance. I wonder if I can catch a salmon before you :p
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  15. I had my earliest wake up today as well.

    Saw one fish--what looked to be about a 5-7 pound silver (maybe, was a couple of quick jumps)--jump within casting distance. I scooted over to the area I saw it jump, but found nothing.

    Oh well. I'm flipping tired right now though. Gonna be hard to get through these last couple hours of work.

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  16. MA13 salmon continue to be a pipe dream the last few days, buy I do usually get one SRC 14-16'er each morning along with a mess of little guys.

    Tides tomorrow too high too early for a 5-630am session? What does everyone think?
  17. If you are really intent of catching a salmon, MA 13 is far from your best option right now.
    You should be fishing MA 9 or 10. Not that you can't catch salmon down south, but you'll be increasing your odds greatly the farther north you fish.
  18. The outgoing tide that's happening tomorrow is one of my favorite ones to fish.

    I'll be out bright and early.

  19. Any yanks Jason?

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