Amazing Alaskan King fishing in 3 feet of water

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    In a time when most of the King fisheries have been shut down in Alaska I wasn't overly optimistic about our chances on spey fishing for large, fresh kings. I finally was returning to one of my old haunts, but was worried when the group before us was only able to land 3 kings in 3 days. My experience 2 years ago was amazing and was I was hoping for anything close. After 3 plane rides, and a short hop in a Super Cub we landed in the remote stretches of the Bering Sea. The water was dropping and clearing, so we were a bit more hopeful. What makes this place so amazing is that you can catch chrome bright kings up to 45 pounds on floating line with unweighted flies. There are few places if any where you can have this type of experience. The other reason is that the remoteness and weather keeps the pressure to a bare minimum. The first 5 cast I hooked into 4 fish and in the next 3 days we consistently hooked in double digit numbers fishing only a few hours a day. I can only dream about returning again in the near future. If you think your fly club would be interested in the full details of this trip I would be happy to share this experience. Please contact me for available dates and times. Enjoy!

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    Sounds like fun!
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    Sounds like a great trip but 3 plane rides + a Super Cub and Bering Sea equals $$$$. Bit outta my tax bracket, damn it!
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    Bad ass man!
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    When is John scheduled for shoulder surgery? :D I've not yet caught a King on a fly rod... that must be a workout. Thanks for sharing.
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    Amazing stuff! WOW love it. Got it on the bucket list now lol.