Amber 3/09/10

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Nate Dutton, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Nate Dutton I'm a teacher, I fish to eat!

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    Hey Guys, Well i went to Amber Lake yesterday since i finished my 25 page literature review on the integration of technology into the secondary social studies classroom:ray1:. so i figured even though i have more work to do bawling: i would treat myself to a little fishing time. Got out about 1:30 stayed until about 5:00. Weather was overcast with intermingle sunshine, and a little snow Anyways, I did not what to haul the boat out so i fished the cove to the left of the launch, the launch and the bank to the right until the big cove. Was fishing a blood worm pattern with an bead, or micro leech, or crono. All produced fish. Hooked up with 20 and landed 12, i was not paying attention most of the time, lost of school work on my mind so i missed a lot of fish or there was slack so i would come tight get a little action then off they go. Every fish was big and healthy! Only 2 of them were a little lethargic, everything else was spunky and a lot of fun!:thumb: It felt great to get my trout rod in my hand again (firs time all winter) It took just a few cast to get into the rhythm of not throwing speys or 8wts. Hope this report encourages some of you! Hope to see you out there! :thumb:

    -Nate Dutton
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    Cool Nate. Glad you got out and caught some fish. The launch almost always produces, even after a full day of kicking all over that lake, it kind of cracks me up that you can come back to the launch and catch fish without ever putting a foot in the water.