Amber Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by rwbailey05, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Hey fellas, Thinking of headin to Amber this weekend. I have never been to the lake to fish and unfort i do not have my float tube with me i left it at home while im at schooll :( I have a few questions, first can the lake be fished from the shore successfully? Secondly i know the lake is a little out of the way, i drive a little honda accord, do any of the roads from 195 to the lake pose any problems for a small car? Thanks for the help
  2. Hi there! Do you go to school at EWU? I do, and if you want to get together some time this quarter, after I get my fly fishing stuff down here that'd be cool. I'm looking to find some people to fish with in the area.
  3. Me too. Count me in if you go. Or I will see you there! In a red Fish Cat 4 Deluxe.
  4. You could probably get away with no watercraft, and no the roads are fine.
  5. yea i have caught plenty of fish right off the boat launch while waiting to get the boat in. there will be no problems with your car getting out there, it is all paved and has parking. bring Chronomids, and leech patterns. I will be out there with my uncle and cousin this weekend. good luck and let us all kno how it goes.
  6. Justin im a student at WSU... always tryin to find some new gents to fish with. Def be down to hit up the water sometime soon. School i windin down for me here. Gonna be at Amber on friday, probly around 330-4.
  7. Hmm, not sure if I'll have my gear by then, but I'll definitely be there if I do! It's been about a year and a half since I had to cast more than 25 feet (stuck on creeks for awhile) so nows my chance to make a fool out of myself big time! Nothing gets rusty faster than my fly casting.
  8. right and left of the launch...
  9. Ill be right there with ya on the rusty casts... have not got my flycast going since last september. I know im ashamed of it, but ball and school take over my life
  10. School has a way of doing that.... I think it should be reduced to 3 days a week, that way it wouldn't get in the way of my life! (fishing)
  11. 3 days a week and free shuttle services wherever we like on the other 4 days... Justin maybe you can send a proposal to Governor Gregoire, she can use it to help with her sweet new budget idea;)
  12. Went to Amber today. Had a really good day. 9 for 14 on chiro's. There were at least 40 vehicles in the parking lot.

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