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  1. Hey I’m back on the Westside of the state after finishing up my sophomore year at WSU. However, I am going over to the East side of the state again to visit some of my family in the Spokane area. My uncle and I are going to get my dad out on the water for the first time this year. I went out to amber earlier in the season before writing papers and having to study for finals. That day it was all about Chronomids. My question is what are they hitting on right now?? Moving more toward leeches? Damselflies? Or are they still in Chronomid mode?? Any info would be great! Would love to get my dad his first fish of the season this weekend! (hopfully a little bigger than this one he got on the Yak last year!)

    Thanks everyone

  2. Hit up two different lakes in the okanagon for 3 days and hit most fish on chronos like 50+ fish on chronos each day. On the 3rd day hit some on mini bunny leeches. But went back to the chronos.
  3. Connor....stay with the chrono's

    If you get slow there, go deeper in the lake and or get your damsel nymphs out and rock em
  4. Thanks guys, that was what i was planning on. Just wanted some confirmation. :thumb:


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