Ambergris Caye, Belize

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Jason Baker, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

  2. ibn

    ibn Moderator Staff Member

    Sweet photos Jason. If you're going to get your butt kicked, no better place then in the tropics. :)
  3. Jmills81

    Jmills81 The Dude Abides

    Tayo and Nestor are the sheeeeet, I have fished with those guys for two years......

    Ask Tayo about the pink snapper
  4. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    Tayo is coming up next month to stay and fish with me in NC and TN. He's married now as well - she's 18 - that dog!
  5. bv

    bv Member

    Nice, brings back good memories. Will be back down this spring.
  6. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    Link from upcoming Fly Rod Chronicles show we filmed in Belize....
  7. fatguide

    fatguide fish or DIE


    What about the One Barrel? No trip to Belize is complete without it.
  8. SilverFly

    SilverFly Active Member

    I'm turning "coke-bottle green" with envy, - just like the beautiful water down there. Since getting my butt kicked on my one and only tarpon hookup, steelhead and salmon fishing has lost some luster, and I'm afraid it will never be the same.

    BTW, great job getting that shot of all those tarpon, you showed remarkable restraint. I would have said "FUCK THE CAMERA! - WHERE'S MY ROD?!!!
  9. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker Member

    Thanks! I am wrecked already! I'm planning at least two trips down next year....
  10. Mingo

    Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

    Those are some great photos Jason.........what the hell, nice big "consolation" jacks are pretty cool too!!

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