An 'alibut 'ook

Discussion in 'Arts and Literature' started by Jack Devlin, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Jack Devlin

    Jack Devlin Active Member

    A Northwest Coast style Halibut Hook in Alder.
  2. plaegreid

    plaegreid Saved by the buoyancy of citrus

    That's really cool!
  3. Tim Cottage

    Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

    Really nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dave Evans

    Dave Evans Active Member

    Very nice!
  5. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

    If i were say hypothetically inclined to burgling, Jack D would be on my list...given that my skills are Clouseau like, that ain't gonna happen
  6. Jack Devlin

    Jack Devlin Active Member

    Thanks for nice comments on the Halibut Hook.
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  7. GAT

    GAT Active Member

    Beautiful work.