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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Guy Gregory, May 30, 2013.

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  2. Thanks Guy this is a great article with real world numbers. I have used some of these statistics with pro-dam people and they just flat refuse to believe the numbers.
    I would love to see those dams disappear but probably wont happen in my lifetime.
  3. Priorities....priorities.......Restore Hetch Hetchy first!!! There are alternatives to that one!!

    BPA fact sheet: River- March 2010.pdf

    The dams produce 3,033 mega-watts. The largest nuclear plant in the USA is Palo Verde outside of Phoenix with 3,937 mega-watts.

    Due to line loss issues really the next generation of generating plants really should be in western Washington. Should we get started on them now??
  5. Facts have been and still are hard to come by in the discussion of the Snake, and most opponents of breaching, at least the electeds, oppose talking about the concept, let alone comparing breaching to other concepts on some straight-up basis. It's the fear of discussion that I don't understand. But now we see that strategy in lots of federal initiatives.

    For now, though, we taxpayers must spare no expense to keep some guys as rugged individualists and paragons of western virtue.
  6. What about the hells canyon complex? You never here about those needing to be removed. A large percentage of salmon/steelhead spawning grounds are above those dams that have no fish passage.
  7. YES!
  8. Anybody notice that it looks like an alien invasion from "War of the Worlds" from above Thorp all the way down to Vantage as well as several other places on the east side? In fact, last I knew, they stopped installing new wind turbines and shut down some of the existing because the power was surplus to needs.

    Sounds like there's already somewhat of a replacement for some of the hydropower generation. It has its own set of environmental and esthetic costs, but it does seem to be a viable alternative.
  9. If someone could figure out how to divert the smolts so they can safely pass the dams, the problem would be solved. When they built the things, they included fish ladders for the returning fish swimming upstream but evidently, no one considered how the hell the smolts were supposed to swim downstream past the dams.

    The windmills are extremely ugly and cause visual pollution. If they built one here and there it wouldn't be a big deal. But when they started building them on the rim of the Columbia Gorge in mass, I became a hater of wind power. I really don't want the things destroying the beauty of the NW and the way they build them and where they are placed, they are.

    As noted, we don't really need the ugly things anyway. If they want to install them far from the NW to replace coal burning power plants, fine by me. I just don't see visually destroying the beauty of where we live as a viable solution to anything.

    OSU is working on wave power and as long as they can install the generators far enough out to sea that you don't see them from shore, they're fine with me.

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