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  1. Okay, a quick story (as you guys know, I have a million of them) and then I'll let you get back to the pattern.

    So I came up with a new steelhead pattern and Rocky and I were standing in a steelhead river known only by "S". I pulled the pattern out of my box and handed it to Rocky for him to peruse. He looked at it and said it looked good to him. Then he tossed it in the river. He tossed it in the river.

    I freaked and asked him what the hell he was doing! He answered sheepishly that he thought I had already tied it on my tippet.
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  2. That was the first steelhead hairwing i ever tied. 30 years ago :) I am still really fond of it. The Thor is another great one. I picked the pattern out of a Dick Stewart book, I think.

  3. Hmmm....Confusion, clumsiness or simple calculation?

    Given the amazing quality of work that's routinely showcased here, I'm gratified that this post has generated some interest, and pleased that I'm not the only young guy to fish "old" patterns.
  4. I'm an "old guy" who fishes old and new patterns. I've found that the fish never stopped trying to eat the old patterns, fly anglers simply stopped using them in favor of something new.
  5. GAT
    If you could turn this story into a single panel cartoon you'd have something.:)
    PS By the way, I've been meaning to mention that I'm glad someone (you) out there knows the proper pronunciation of "Oregon" ie your avatar location. Even though I am not an Oregunian, I am tired of hearing people pronounce it "Are-a-gone".
  6. Love old patterns. my first steelhead was on a red butted woolly worm with a black body, silver tinsel, and grizzly hackle. And that was in the winter on the Stilly at the forston hole. Alway have a couple in my fly wallet!
  7. Here are a couple of SS 's I tied sometime ago - I see I tied em "fat" back then.
    Jack IMG_1003.jpeg

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