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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by emerger, Aug 20, 2009.

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    I bought an Outcast PAC 1200 this summer and, based on a couple of trips down the Yakima, I have been very happy with it. This is my first fishing boat of any kind. One issue that I haven’t dialed in yet is anchoring. I would like to be able to stop the boat in moving current in order to work a particularly interesting piece of bank, or to change flies or land a fish without drifting aimlessly. The kind of thing you see drift boats do all the time. I’m aware that I need to be smart about where I try to anchor but I’m assuming this isn’t an unreasonable goal in a 13’ pontoon boat.

    I found that a 20# pyramid anchor doesn’t slow me down sufficiently. I tried a 30# anchor but it was virtually impossible to heave it up using the standard anchor system. Even 3’ off the back of my trailer, my buddies agreed that 30# wasn’t practical and that the problem wasn’t just my weak arms.

    My solution (hopefully): I added a pulley to the top of my anchor, based on ideas I dug out of the archives here. This required drilling a hole in my rear platform to tie off the working end of the anchor line and purchasing a $15 climbing pulley from REI (see attached). Off the back of the trailer, it works beautifully and truly feels like you are pulling up an anchor that is half the weight. I hope to field test it this weekend. I realize that I need twice as much rope with this approach but besides that, am I missing anything?

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    After following Jeff Bandy's drift boat on the Hoh for three days last fall I added a heavy duty "L" bracket and tied my working end off, added the pulley to the anchor and rerouted my anchor rope. I have found it much easier to hoist my small anchor. My "L" bracket is mounted to my rear deck's motor mount. I have it mounted so it reaches up then back to create a nice gap between the end where I have the rope tied off and the frame pulley. Your system looks great to me.
  3. Ed, You got any pictures of your system. I have to install an anchor on my new toon.

  4. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Mike, give me some time and I'll shoot you some. PM your email.

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