Anchor System for Scadden Frameless?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by LCnSac, May 27, 2012.

  1. I have a frameless Renegade, and am trying to install an anchor system using the Scotty anchor setup. I have a float tube adapter with the straps that go around the 'toon, but other than the two drain holes under the seat I don't see how this can be mounted on the stern.

    So far I've been able to mount it just in front of the seat on the right pontoon with the anchor line routed through the rear D-ring. This does work and I do like having the anchor system in view, but it doesn't feed well. Maybe there is a pulley system that would work? I'm also concerned about some chaffing from the anchor line on the 'toon. I appreciate your help.

    I LOVE the Scotty with the integrated cleat on the bow of my Water Master for stillwater. One thing I don't like about the Scotty at the stern is in an emergency you would have to cut the rope below the anchor arm. That would be very hard to do and seems like a strong reason to never drop anchor in any current. My Water Master anchor system cleat is screwed to the front of the hard seat thwart. I can quickly cut the line in an emergency with the blunt-nosed serrated river knife reserved exclusively for that purpose, kept at the ready in it's sheath, clipped upside down to one of my PFD's attachment tabs. However I still wont drop anchor in any current where I can't row to hold in.
  3. I thought about a bow anchor system but rejected it. One, we anchor on our local river to fish, and you'd be casting upstream. We cast downstream. Two, the U-shape on the Scadden is better facing current than the pontoons.

    The more I look at my side mount, the better I like it. The stern D-ring needs a standoff block of some sort. Not sure how to accomplish that.
  4. A bow anchor only works for me with a stern anchor on lakes. You can't mount the Scotty to the stern the way it's shown in the photos from the link in my post?
  5. I don't know how it's done, unless the straps are routed through the drain holes on the bottom and that seems to put a strain on the fabric. I'm sure Blue will have the answer as it's her boat;-) Plus, like you, I'm not comfortable with that far stern position in the event of a problem. I want access to that line with a knife instantly, especially as I do anchor in current.
  6. I've been working on similar plans for a Scotty anchor system on a Scadden Assault XXX. For the reasons mentioned above -- plus that fact that my yellow lab typically rides in the stern behind the oarsman position, thus blocking access to a stern mount -- I plan to attach to the side tube and drop anchor in the center of the boat. Just not sure if I'll drop to the side or through the step-through hole in the center. dropping through the center step-through hole seems better in terms of holding the boat stable (more center-mass) but wondering if there might be safety concerns I haven't thought of.

    Any thoughts on safety concerns of either option? (so far, I've used a hand-line anchor only and dropped in the center but only on lakes).

    As for mounting, I plan to use a Scotty glue-on pad to mount the anchor system:

    Will also mount a rod holder using another glue-on mount.
  7. Yes, I'd be very concerned about that center line drop in moving water. I guess try it with some straps first, but unless you lead your line aft perfectly centered you're probably going to broach in the current. If you lead it aft through the aft D-ring you'll have a line under the boat which is a big safety concern down shallow rapids. Lakes anchoring is a lot more forgiving. I think a mount on one of the pontoons on the side with a standoff block aft off the centered D-ring is a good solution if we can figure out how to do that.
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  8. Great points. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, I've heard that the straps go through the drain holes. And that Scotty anchor arm on a gunnel would be a fly line magnet. So is a Scotty rod holder unless aft of the seat.
    You'd have something similar to my Water Master anchor system if you could find a cleat that could be strapped to a gunnel on a low profile mount, then find a way to route the rope around your cargo deck and into the Scotty anchor arm with the rope threaded backwards through the cam to use just the feed slot and the roller at the end of the arm without the cam locking the rope. And maybe I'm missing something but I would not put the rope through the stern D ring
  10. Your cleating idea forward on the pontoon is a good idea. A simple cam/ cleat could work. I'd probably use an anchor setup different from the Scotty for that one.

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