Anchor system pulley and clamp info?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Kent Lufkin, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Kent, check these out. It's hard to tell exactly what you need from your photo but one of these might work: Search/mode matchallpartial/0/0?N=377 710&Ne=0&Ntt=rail&Ntk=Primary Search&Ntx=mode matchallpartial&Nao=0&Ns=0&keyword=rail &isLTokenURL=true&storeNum=18&subdeptNum=58&classNum=595 Search/mode matchallpartial/0/0?N=377 710&Ne=0&Ntt=rail&Ntk=Primary Search&Ntx=mode matchallpartial&Nao=0&Ns=0&keyword=rail &isLTokenURL=true&storeNum=455&subdeptNum=456&classNum=456
  2. Kent, The Schaefer block and clamp should only cost you about $40.00. My whole anchor system came in about $80.00 with all blocks, clamps, rope ratchet and misc. hardware. Don't get the 1 1/4, get the 1" and get some longer stainless bolts, the 1 1/4 is 3x the price and it would be a sloppy fit, with the 1" you can get it really tight.
  3. what about a way for locking your anchor rope?????????
  4. maybe you could use a petzl grigri belay device?

    they sell them at REI

    This is what I used, it is also the one that comes with the Steelheader when you get their anchor system. It is not "drift boat" quality but it does just fine for my purpose.
  6. How about drilling a 3/4" hole in the frame and inserting a 3/4" OD - 1/2" ID pipe in the hole and welding it to the frame and then using a Pocket Puller that has the jam cleat built into it? I've seen this done and it's a real clean installation with no pulleys to hang up on. The other would be to drill a 5/8" hole (in smaller frames) and fill the hole with a plastic reducer used in drift boat oarlock sockets to shim them down for smaller oarlocks. The problem is keeping them in place. They do tend to work themselves loose.
  7. Yes, Thomas Pocket Pullers work well, that is what I use on my Osprey frame. As a matter of fact I have 3 of them and I only need one so I have two I would be willing to part with for $25.00 ea. PM if interested. These are not in classifieds yet as I do not need to sell them I am just making them available If someone reading this thread is interested.
  8. how about something like this. Not exactly the same thing, but sure looks like it may work. They are clamp on oar locks. SS reinforced plastic.

    Would have to make sure the shaft diameter meets the tube diamether though.
  9. Under the seat system using leelock rope cam and a couple pulleys left over from an old raft anchor system I had laying around.
  10. Kent,

    Are you still looking for these clamps? I have two that I took off a pontoon boat. They have really cheap pulleys but the clamp looks the same. What diameter frame tube?
  11. Thanks for sending the pics Don. I replied via email to the account you sent them from.

  12. Replied to Email
  13. Thanks to a sharp-eyed friend and former boat owner who correctly recognized the clamps in my original post as Bimini convertible top hinged jaw slide clamps. They're widely available in stainless steel and other materials to fit tubing sizes from 7/8" to 1-1/4". Just Google up 'hinged jaw slide' to find more suppliers than you ever thought existed including some right here in the Seattle area. I'll be buying some to add an anchor system to my Skookum Osprey this winter.



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