Anchor system/Rod Holders for Scadden XX

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    I have seen references to installing an anchor system and a rod holder to the Scadden Assault XX. I glued on the Scotty anchor system which I used on another inflatable (NRS-Gigbob). I also used the Scotty glue-on rod holder for the Gigbob, but I elected to use straps instead on the Assault XX, thinking the glue on might not roll up so well. I may add it later. The anchor system works GREAT. It rolls up and hasn't come unglued after several months of use. The strap system I adapted from another boat where I put two Scotty holders, cheek-by-jowl, on the same straps. Photos included. I use an 5 or 8 pound pyramid anchor depending whether I am on a lake or a river.

    I was wondering what people put in the Scadden front seat box. I read someone used a Styrofoam box which seems inherently weak when holding a 200+ pound person. The cargo box I got in April doesn't have some of the attachment points shown in his video. Maybe he gave up on that design. I thought a 40 qt. cooler might work as well.

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    I made ABS pipe frame. It's strong enough to support my wight.

    IMG_1996.JPG IMG_1995.JPG IMG_1994.JPG
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    I just put a rubbermaid roughneck box (you can get it from home depot) and it works fine. Stuff stays dry too.

    Never had a desire for an anchor.
    But a ton of rod holders, but can't figure out a way to mount them where it won't be sticking straight up into the trees or create a snagfest of annoyance on the boat. I find that laying the rods on the side of the boat works just fine. I break the spey rods down and suffer through the 40 seconds it takes to string them up through the runs.
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