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    Had a few of my soldiers and vets from the VA up for a PHWFF trip on the Yakima this weekend. Did a Low Country Boil for them. Which basically is this.

    Old Bay Crab seasoning, some hot sauce (I used tabasco this time), toss in some quartered onions, a whole clove of garlic, some peppers (I used jalapenos), some sausage usually andoille (I used kielbasa), carrots, corn (whole corn broke in half and I used white and yellow), then crab legs (I used king) and shrimp. You can add/delete stuff as you go. Dump on newspaper and let people grub down. Serve with a crusty bread with butter. :)


    Two pots worth, one had the "hot" version, other one simply had only Old Bay seasoning (there were a few who can't eat spicy/hot without hurting them literally).


    Close up of the pot, it was FULL. I put the correct amount of water in, but was so full, I just had enough clearance at the top to get all the food in and cook.


    Food as I dumped it into the serving pans. These are the deep pans. I filled FOUR of these. :)

    On a side not, there were only about a pan and a half left (and this was one pan near top, other about gone, when all 4 were TOTALLY full and heaping originally). So we had some leftovers. So I did a favorite of mine for breakfast this morning (another first), LCB eggs.

    Cracked out what was left of the crab legs. Took out all the shrimp, sausage, and potatoes. Started first by tossing the potatoes on, and then chopping them down with spatula to make more manageable to eat. Then added the sausage and chopped down. Later tossing in the crab then the shrimp dead last since I didn't want them chewy (they were perfect night before). I omitted the garlic, onion, jalapeno, and carrots from mix. Mostly either wouldn't add to it, or (and main reason on all 4) they were so mushy, wouldn't have the texture I wanted.


    Added some eggs (about 6 dozen) and scrambled up.


    Let that cook up the rest of way and served. Was one of those deep pans SUPER heaped over. Only about 9 of us left in camp this morning (couple had to leave that night). Man, they polished that stuff off. Only enough for many 2 plates worth.

    If you want exact recipe for the LCB, can post it up. Not sure if I've posted it before or not. Have it with timing to add all ingredients. :)
  2. Matt Baerwalde ...

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    Nice. I grew up in South Carolina and I love lowcountry boil. Never had it with king crab though, wow! Always just our little bitty ol' blue crabs. Timing? Put the shrimp in last. :)
  3. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    LOL. Hence the "timing". You don't want to overcook what's in the pot. All of ingredients can either tirn to mush or rubbery. So have to time your ingredients. I literally toss the raw shrimp in the last 3 minutes and drain/serve immediately. Just say it this way everything was cooked perfectly. :)
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    But Jerry... Did you have fresh baked DO yeast bread--from scratch-- to go with... Just askin'...

    Sounds like a good time!
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    Looks like a cajun crawfish boil...tasty stuff Jerry.
  6. Big E Moderator

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    I remember back when I was a kid we used to do something similar during deer season but they would be in those big metal milk jugs. Seeing yours brought back some good memories and made my mouth water.
  7. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Well, this is a SE thing (as in Carolinas). Different then a cajun crawfish boil, but not too different. Always loved these things, had a friend in VA get me back hooked on them. I just put a NW spin on it using our shrimp and King Crabs (I got a screaming deal on red label King Crab so went away from Dungeness for this trip).

    Speaking of crawfish. We were talking about them over the weekend in fact. Remember as a kid, we used to do a boil like this (well before I ever had been to SC and NC and the eastern seaboard). Had a freshwater creek that ran by my grandparents cabin near Copalis Beach. We used to toss out shrimp pots and collect a TON of big crawfish and then would handdipnet out fresh dungeness out of the lower creek (where it dumped into the ocean). Run a huge pot and just start tossing it all in fresh. Man, those were the days. MMMMM.
  8. ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

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    I just ate and you made me hungry again... solid spread of food right there!
  9. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Well, Lessez le bonne temps roulait!!!! You DA MAN, Mr. Daschofsky' I'll have to try this one here!