And in my ark I'll have 2 steelhead, two of each trout species...

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by windtickler, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Crazy. What does it look like right now? Brown and boiling? Kinda scary?

  2. Anyone wanna hitch up the drifter and give it a whirl? ;)
  3. That's cheatin'! Use a Watermaster!!
  4. better yet....your float tube :ray1:
  5. Somebody in a boat wanna bring me a pizza? I'll supply the beer.
    It doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere for a while. Kinda wish I hadn't been spending time on the Internet, but had gone shopping.

    The good news is you can fish 2-bit from the road:
  6. ok just explain to me why you are going to put fish on an arc and we;ll be all good :beathead: ptyd
  7. because for the first time in history, I'll know where the little b*stards are!
  8. I hear there is an enormous landslide up in B.C.; people are being evacuated from their homes, very bad scene.
  9. Last night my house shook so bad that both my neighbor and I (he lives quite a ways away) went running out into our yards. I thought we were going to slide into the road.
  10. It would be wise to limit your travel in the next few days if you can. A lot of rain like this loosens big boulders that come roaring down on the roads.
    Be careful anywhere where there is a big bluff of rocks and you are traveling along up close. Keep your eyes open and your hard hat on.

    Bob, the All this wind isn't helping things either. :beathead:

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