And Then I Woke Up...

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Ed Call, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Another friend from here on the forum and I met fishing the Hoh last March. Since then we've chatted about fishing here or there. Trips he is doing or trips I was doing. When could we align our schedues to fish again? Where would we go? We discussed a few locations and one of them has begun to recurr in my fly fishing daydreams and at night. I do my share of file searches and such and frequent some sites that are well established. I saw this one recently from a face that some may recognize but he is holding the phantom. The phantom that has been haunting me. I've never fished the Carribean, Mexico or Hawaii. Phantom appearances like this one make me long to piggy bank my gear allowance for some casting classes on long distance delicate presentation, a plane ticket, a bag of rice and some sun screen. And then, once again, I woke up. Anyone know any good deals on airfare and want to spit a big bag of rice?
  2. Mark Walker Active Member

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    You bring the rice, I'll bring the wasabi and soy!:thumb:
  3. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Sure, got a pea shooter?:rofl:

    Gawd I'd love to leave here sometime in Jan and head someplace tropical! The dream!
  4. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    The Texas gulf coast is within driving distance. Sorry no bone fish there, red fish heaven!!!
  5. Richard Torres Active Member

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    Dude you have no idea how bad i'd love to hook up with a bone like that!
    As for spitting in a bag of rice i'll leave that up to you...:clown:

    I'm sure I could shore up some grub and a place to eat from the relatives i've yet to meet (in Puerto Rico) if I can (like you said) save up enough dough to cover for such a wonderful trip.

    Me too, for now, it's just a wonderful dream.......