Angler Harassment in Montana

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  1. the other interesting thing is that with all the attention being payed to this piece of water due to prickish landowners this piece of water is getting more attention and will likely see even more anglers because of the landowner's actions.

    a crowded mitchell slough couldn't happen to nicer people... maybe a clave is in order.:)
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  2. "This is what I call a real MT landowner and he deserves our respect, not the Kardashians of the Bitterroot" ... very well stated!
  3. I've always felt that with all the water in Montana, why try to fish in an area where you are not wanted to be at. It's like if I go someplace to fish and there are two people there I will move on. I have found that where the skinny water flows down hill, you will probably find fish in it. In Montana that is. They might not be big, but to me a trout is a trout.
  4. I was not impressed by the land owner who felt it necessary to fly over my group on the Smith last week in his helicopter, taking pictures of me as we floated past his property. I hope the resolution on their camera was good, so they could tell what number I thought they were. Still, those who disrespect the property rights of others make it worse for us all.
  5. I think most agree, just people tend to be more irrational on message boards. BR
  6. I kinda liked the sprinkler idea.
    Gets the bugs stirred and helps the bite, so ya got to wear some rain gear, big deal.
    It's true about ass hole land owners along many public streams. I've had people come out of their cabins and yell at me when I'm standing in the creek in front of the place.
    I've even had them call the local LEO and heard the LEO say that if they call again, he would write them up.
    Still didn't stop the guy from yelling at me each time I fished in front of his place.
    I got tired of it and don't fish there any more.
    I guess the land owner won.
  7. I was yelled at by some old broad in Washington State on the S/F Stilly. I was way below the high water mark. But that didn't stop the bitch from screaming at me. I just took it as somebody who just brought up some river front property and didn't know about the laws of that state.

    Not much bothers me when I fish. I tend to stay away from people. That way I can talk to myself without somebody listening in.
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  8. Oh sorry Derek that was me - I was just cruising around in my helicopter and noticed you fishing. If I hovered, it was just because I was trying to figure out if I could hand off the controls to my co-pilot, rappel down into your boat and borrow one of your rods to fish for a bit. I saw you beckoning me with one of your fingers - at least I thought you were beckoning me...... : )
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  9. if I lived anywhere near mitchell slough I would be floating it in my abel craft fishing for trout and jump shooting ducks where its safe just to fuck with those guys.
  10. If I were near Mitchell Slough I would fire up my jet boat and run it up and down at daylight a few times to show my appreciation of the MT Supreme Court.
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  11. LMAO...good one Salmo_g!
  12. My group has fished many a river and we have never really encountered an upset landowner. We have seen a number of anti-fisherman fences in the most unlikely spots you would expect to see a barbed wire fence. One new strategy we tried a number of years ago was just plain simple. Go up and ask permission to fish on the owners land. In all that time we have only been told no once (and their story was they had a contract with a local fly shop to have exclusive access of their section)

    Plus the second year we started asking permission we started handing out smoked salmon made by one of the group to the land owners. What a hit. In places we have stopped again to fish, the owners all remember us and tell us how great the salmon was (as we hand them another pack of fresh smoked salmon) many have now given us permanent access with out stopping, but we always go up to the door and leave a pack of smoked salmon and to chat with the land owner.

    We have fished the upper Ruby a number of times and every time we go by Ted Turners place we consider stopping and taking the bridge access down into the river (all legal according to MT state law). His restored section of the Ruby is just gorgeous, he really did a good job of creating a great habitat section, I'm sure its loaded with big fat trout and greyling. That said, we are always fearful that one of Ted's hired Ranch Foreman will shoot first and then ask what we are doing on Mr. Turner's Ranch?

    Also I tend to agree with Derek. I don't know how many places I have been to, that is littered with garbage, beer cans and other crap. For gosh sakes take the crap back out. JR.
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  13. They probably are fat. About 15 years or so ago, Turner was busted for having automatic pellet feed stations setup on his stretch of the Ruby. Remember, he said bought that property for he and his friends to fish, not for you or I.
  14. "The ruling is the latest salvo in a bitter fight between sportsmen and James Cox Kennedy, a multimillionaire media mogul from Atlanta who owns a ranch south of Twin Bridges in the Ruby Valley".

    JCK, one of Ted's buddies who is creating his own personal sanctuary... which I have no issue with unless it takes away Joe Public's right to access his nation's most treasured resources. I joined and help PLWA about 5 years ago to help fight this kinda kingdom mentality... sure hope you consider doing so as well as they need our collective help.


    ...looking for one of our forums more skilled photoshop guru's to put a crown on his head and maybe even find it's way onto a certain thread (Bobo)...just sayin:D
  15. JCK.jpeg
  16. This guy is the chairman for Cox Enterprises as in Cox Cable, 8 Newspapers, Manhiem Auto Auction,Valpak, Auto, 15 television stations (including our own local KIRO-TV) and 86 radio stations.
  17. So see, he works hard and deserves to exclusively own the rights to enjoy America's most treasured resources... I stand corrected., if we could just add a reflection of Bobo in his magnificent crown, that would be tops (hint, hint).

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