Angler's Roost Rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by golfman44, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Anyone have experience with these rods? In particular the 13' 7/8 ?

    Guys on speypages seem to only write good things about this rod, however I realize a lot of the positive reviews have to do with the $100 price tag.
  2. golfman I just got that rod no more than 3 weeks ago. I have taken it out a few times with a line from them but I recommend the rod. $100 and it is a pretty good rod with enough power to suffice. If you look up my postings you will find that I posted a similar question not too long ago that information helped me out a lot.
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  3. If your looking for a lower end spey rod (I have no experience with Anglers Roost spey poles) the Redington Dually Spey that just came out is very well liked it seems. Same with most ECHO rods. Just throwing out some options.
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  4. Oh whoops it looks like my copy pasted message to our convo didn't go thru from my phone lol, check your inbox ill resend it now.

    It seems those are the most popular, with the TR being the most liked but its $100 more than the dually so not sure if its fair to compare them head to head. The dually is getting a ton of positive feedback tho so maybe in time it can surpass the TR's.

    I went with the anglers roost, hopefully it works out. The $150 I saved basically covered the cost of the reel/line/head so it seemed worth it to me. If I hate it I'll probably go with a dually if they continue to get such good reviews

    The replies to your thread are what seemed to be the consensus on spey pages too. Looking forward to mine, hopefully it works out alright.
  5. TFO has a very nice spey rod I have thrown one a few times and it is an excellent rod.
  6. I've heard good things about them too.

    Man, getting into the 2 hand game can be intimidating. So many awesome entry level sticks, all with different lengths, appropriate lines, etc...then theres all the different heads and casting styles you can start with. In the end as long as it gets my fly in front of some steelhead im fine with it

    Just curious, when you ordered your rod how long did it take you for Johnny to get you the paypal invoice? Haven't got mine yet, its been a few hours.
  7. it took around 12 hours... do not get any spey line from Anglers roost. I got some just so I could throw it on my rod till I got the custom stuff ordered and the welded loop on the end is split so I have got to fix that. I agree that the 2 handed game is intimidating to get into. but so far I enjoy throwing my spey rod. I started looking into getting a 5wt mini spey for trout. I just like the fact that I don't need much room for a back cast.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I got a line fit for the rod from Steve Godshall. He is putting it together tomorrow and shipping it to me, hopefully I'll have it by next week so I can fish every day and humble myself with awful casts
  9. ha ha im waiting on a line from him as well. from what i have heard he makes a very good quality line. Did you go with skagit or scandi?
  10. Yea everyone that gets a line from him swears by it. It's also cheaper!

    I went with a scandi. He talked to me for about an hour about it all. The way I've been fishing with my single hander has been a full floating line and poly leaders. His logic was with a Scandinavian I can use the exact same polyleaders, flies, and presentation as before so I can just focus on learning how to cast. I figure ill learn the single spey first then go from there.
  11. t-14 and 5 inch flies the size baby chickens, skagit all dam day
  12. congrats on the purchase tho
  13. Thanks sweetie. Steve said for sure ill need a skagit head too at some point. Total package came to 240 so now I can afford lessons
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  14. there is a free clinic form 9-12 on saturdays on the snoqualmie with aaron reimer now go buy a pontoon
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  15. Golfman if you want to get together before i leave at the end of the month we could go and look like idiots together if the rivers ever get back into shape.
  16. I love going out and playing with rods amongst other fine gentlemen, count me in
  17. Sell me yours
  18. Thomas has one for sale on tjw cheap
  19. That blue creek Co one? I made an offer but he said it was sold

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