Anglers who fish below Thorpe getting a bad rap

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Nelson, May 27, 2011.

  1. We've recently learned that Idaho anglers hate anyone who fishes the Skagit, Montana anglers hate Washingtonians and everyone seems to hate Montanans.

    But we have a local problem of one group of anglers hating another. Now, I can't speak for everyone, but EVERYONE who wades the Yakima anywhere above Thorp thinks those drift boaters who usually stick to the lower canyon are the worst thing since bead-casters.

    As soon as the river get a little high around Umtanum (what, you can't handle your boat when the river nudges up to a mere 16,800 cfs as it did on May 16?) those lower river rats scramble up into the pristine upper waters and fill the basin with beer farts, boat trailers and -- god help us -- hot lunches!!

    Especially bad are those guys who come over the pass from eastern King County. What a bunch of louts, or so the story goes. Remember, I'm just reporting the veiled rumors tossed out by unknown anglers after they consumed several bottles of Pendleton whiskey. But they say that the only western Washington anglers worth a damn are the guys from Pierce County. Everyone else from the Puget Sound basin apparently beats their dogs, locks their kids in their basements where they are forced to tie #24 midges while blindfolded, and --worst of all -- they don't buy anything from the shops in Cle Elum, Ellensburg or even the Canyon. In fact they probably all buy their gear directly from Costco.

    I'm not here to point any fingers, but YOU, and YOU, and especially YOU over there by the computer are really screwing things up for the rest of us. Just stay down between the walls, would ya? And by god, don't you DARE cross the railroad tracks on your way to the river!

    **NOTE: In light of the blown rivers, endless rains, and sloppy wet (useless) snow in the mountains, I'm bored shitless. Personally, I've got nothing against the lower canyon boaters, King County commuters, or even Costco shoppers. But then again, I'm one of the good guys from Pierce County that everyone loves. :cool:
  2. (.)(.)

    Boobies! First it was the winter doldrums, now it's the spring crazies..hang in there, Dan... :)
  3. Boobies are cool.
  4. I know one thing from personal experiance, everybody looks down their nose at tenkara fishers.
  5. Damn.
  6. Yes!


    My buddy Mark Walker just sent me the birthday gift of Tenkara because I've been known to rail on the practices. Now I've got to admit I have one and now that I have one I intend to learn how and where to use this telescopic old school cane pole. Suggestions welcome.

    Damn indeed.

    Dan, funny thread. Ever fish a lake when the rivers are blown? Now I'm wondering if I can fish a lake with my Tenkara rod.
  7. Mumbles, you are in for at least 4 drinks in just this one post. Get after it.
  8. I don't believe the bastard ratted me out. I told him I wouldn't tell!:rofl:
  9. Derek, as soon as it is 5pm and we are home for the day the caps will start coming off the Sessions Tenkara Black. Gotta figure out this line thing now, because I've got it I'm gonna fish the thing. Reminds me of my crappie cane pole from my youth. I guess it will work largely the same. I wonder if I'll reach the foam is home seams on the Y below Thorpe with this thing?
  10. Depends on who's rowing..
  11. You still fussing about me rowing in zigzags and totally blowing your drift time after time? You are a tough act to follow because all I have to do is flip my fly out there and you row to fish it through the slot.
  12. That's not the way I remember it...

    But you're due for a row in the bigger boat soon.
  13. Indeed. I would like that. The little boat handled 4200 cfs and some nifty drops quite nicely. You know where I'm talking about.

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