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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Soltau, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Out of the last four or so years that I have been paying attention to this board, it has really changed a lot. When I first got on here, there was a lot more consideration of what was going to be said in a thread or post. Now people will create a thread about something that is obviously not a single answer problem, and then ask which side is the best. (Drag obsession thread) I was obviously a part of that thread, and I regret ever posting on the subject, because it demonstrated the sheer ignorance of fly fisherman towards other fly fisherman. I dont really care if you use a $700 sage rod and a $600 tibor reel, or if you use a $10 crystal river rod and a $10 reel, you are still a fly fisherman. But if someone asks me what I THINK is the best, then I will tell you what I like to use and why I like to use it. If you think otherwise, so what? That is your opinion and belief just as my opinion is mine. I cant change your opinion, and I dont want to, but if someone critisizes me for something that is entirely my opinion than I have a problem. I dont critisize anybody here on their opinions, although I will tell them why I do it different, but I am not insecure enough to rip on people on an internet forum. I wrote this because I hate to see so many poeple getting the wrong glimpse of the culture, obviously these threads have nothing to do with fly fishing, they have to do with people not realizing that the subject of fly fishing is entirely subjective.
    For the sake of the forum itself and the fly fishing community at large, dont make threads or posts that will rawl up people about things that are based on ones own personal beliefs, because that really steers people away from joining the fly fishing community, let alone our online community.
  2. iagree

    I have done this Flyfishing thing for many years and I have found that the sport we all love has turned out to be like Golf. If you are not rich and do not use a Sage or the likes you are not in the same realm as the rest.

    I am a Flyfishing instructor and still use inexpensive equipment and catch as many or more fish than those who use $1000 Dollar rods.

    I totally agree with Dan, we are ALL fly fishers and should ALL act like it by supporting All fly fishers.:beer2:
  3. Totally agree! I think there is real value asking people what they think, that's how I purchased my gear. For a novice like me, this is a wealth of information. And if I learned something, it's that I love fly fishing, regardless of what gear I'm using. Judging someone by their gear or gear preferences is really missing the entire point.
  4. It's interesting to see these types of discussion on a number of boards. It seems there are always those in these public forums that have to prove they are right by posting the same argument over and over.

    Hang in there Dan. We value your opinion, your insights and experiences and REALLY want you to hang around and be a part of this community.

    Where did all the fun guys go? Help me Mr. Mingo.....!

    Jim Jones
  5. I thought the disc drag thread was pretty entertaining. I enjoy different perspectives, and I learned a lot on that thread. Moreover, I am always seriously - and I mean seriously - amused by the "holier than thou" attitudes displayed by some people on this board about stuff that is ultimately pretty unimportant. I mean, I got a dang good chuckle out of the seemingly endless posts from click reel enthusiasts about what naive fools disc draggers are.

    In case you haven't figured this out yet, people like to talk trash about all sorts of things on this site. (Some of them - like Chad, bless his soul - go out of their way to stir the pot every once in a while.) Every one of us comes across like a jack ass at least every once in a while. In my humble opinion, that's partly what makes a place like this entertaining.

    Seems to me that there's three ways to react to to someone who talks trash: (i) get into a pissing match with him or her, (ii) ignore him or her completely, or (iii) see the humor in it all. Anyone who chooses to take a bold stand on one of these sorts of threads that ultimately have nothing to do with anything other than personal preference ought to be prepared to defend his preference. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. And never, ever take personally what anyone says on this site about gear preferences; fiberglass vs. aluminum vs. wood; favorite automobiles; fishing methods; views on the superiority of one species over another; etc., etc. Why should you, you don't know 95% of the people on the site other than by what they write here? For example, I could not friggin' care less that some dude looks down on anyone who is incapable of stopping a pissed off, 14 lb. winter steelhead with a deftly place index finger on the rim of a spring/pawl reel. I'm glad for him that he can, but I don't feel one iota of guilt or shame that it's not my cup of tea.
  6. once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away i was a lowly bicycle racer toiling away in a dank, grimy old bike shop. not a day went by without a customer asking: “tyler, what’s your fastest bike? i want to ride like the wind!” my response was always the same: “bikes aren’t fast, people are.”

    well, i think the same notion applies to fly fishing. rods don’t cast well, people do. reels don’t fight fish well, people do. just like fancy italian bikes don’t make champion racers, rods and reels don’t make good fishermen. is it nice to be on the stream, river, lake or flat with nice gear? of course! but that’s not what it’s all about. and if you have to ask what it’s all about then maybe you don’t get it. whatever. enjoy the sport and keep on keepin’ on.

    the dude abides


    p.s. for those of you who like to solicit opinions, don’t be bitter when you get one that disagrees with yours. there are some very, very good fishermen on this site and if you keep it positive you might learn something. i know i have.
  7. i think its interesting to find out how people come to these differnt conclusions on gear and stuff like that. we're all out there more or less trying to do the same thing - go fishing, but everyone has their own way of doing it. different fly patterns, reels, rods, fancy or simple, thrifty or extravagant, its all personal choice.
  8. tyler, well put!
  9. Nicely put. But I think I could find a way to find this insulting to me personnally. But I'm choosing to "see the humor in it all"... :beer2:
  10. Chad, I honestly meant what I said about you only in an appreciative way. If nothing else, you keep things interesting here! ;)
  11. I personally find it easiest to just ignore most of the BS / PMS that goes on this time of year or "When Threads Go Crazy"! I just hope that Mingo or Yard chime in with something to add a bit of humor to the mix. Basically if I don't have something nice to say or at least to add in a nice way, I don't bother to do so.

    Too bad some of the group get caught up in comparing what we use, how we fish, when, where, how we hold a fish, etc. We really have more in common as a group than we have differences.

    I can't explain to most of my non-fishing friends why I'm willing to spend countless hours chasing something that swims and once I catch it, I put it back. One friend in particular, I've had the conversation with dozens of times and he just doesn't get it! :D Probably never will, unless I can get him out on the water!

    Back to your regular station's programming! :cool:
  12. Well like tyler said, we are all just trying to catch fish with a fly. I think all the other bull shit is just the newbies just trying to be what they think is appropriate. Witch in reality is just another reason to label us as another snobby fly guy, And that sucks. I started 20 years ago, And that is not how it is writing in any book ive read.
  13. A major problem with angling morals is that there isn't a universal set of them. Each and every one of us gets to define our own set by which we abide, and it's amazing how many otherwise intelligent people don't get that. Disc/spring & pawl, 'boo/plastic, high end/low end, no matter. The other difficulty with communication attempts over the internet is that apparently a rather high proportion of our population doesn't understand the difference between a fact, a fact in dispute, and their own personal opinion. It's flat out amazing that so many knuckledraggers have figured out how to log on to the internet, not to mention use a keyboard. However, it sure makes for an interesting community; kind of like real neighborhoods. And if you think the conflict is excessive here, you ought to check out the real low hanging fruit on some of the conventional gear boards. A sociologist could have a heydey estimating the IQ of internet fishing bulletin boards.
  14. But aren't universal morals (do unto others...) applicable? Or have we just lost our way, and all this isn't unique to flyfishing, but life in general? (ie if you're a pretentious ass in real life, that's probably gonna come though in your posts?) :confused:

    I'm constantly amazed at how words get misinterpreted, and twisted, and arguments are made at nothing. It's hard to write something that has the intended nuance, emoticons notwithstanding. A million years of judging body language and lingual inflection when speaking face-to-face is worthless in a write/read-only medium.

    Doez speling mattar?

    If nothing else, I'm always entertained when I read the posts on this site. And sometimes I actually learn something!!:eek:
  15. Well said, all of you have good points – I am new to this site and the drag issue has been hashed out two times already. Hang out in a fly shop and I am sure the same topic would come up almost every day. That’s what I like about sites like this one. Some of us don’t have a fly shop to hang out in, so this is where we come to get our fix. Some people do take some of the posts way to personal, some try to force their opinion onto others, some just like a good argument, that’s what make the interaction so entertaining.

    Fly fishing has always been the snob sport and for a very long time only the upper class could afford it. I don’t look down on anyone for the equipment they use but I work hard and choose to spend my money on nice equipment. I have been instructing fly fishing for over 20 years and I use nice equipment but that is only because I have found that quality sometime cost a little more.

    I think we all forget how passionate we are about the sport. That and a little ego is what causes most of the problems you are talking about. I learned along time ago that my way was not the only way but will that stop me from being a little over zealous when it come to expressing my views, no, it the passion thing. I have learned that sometime you have to wade through some frog water to get to the good stuff, it’s no different here.
  16. iagree iagree

    I friggin' LOVE passion!!:D
  17. Stop whining like Democrats! Just kidding, I don't care what anyone here or in real life is.
  18. Man, I sure am glad that I gear fish on the side now and then, it humbles the flyfisherman in me when I need to be humbled...
  19. I'm just sick of people being selective about their negativity. I saw a picture of a gear caught steelhead that got barraged with really bad comments because it was gear caught, then when Steelie Mike or I post a picture of a gear caught lingcod, no one says one bad thing. I know a steelhead is a steelhead and a lingcod is only a lingcod, but uneven treatment pisses me off.
  20. iagree iagree

    I friggin' HATE negativity!! :D

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