Angling Morals Rant

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Soltau, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Nick what do you expect from a fly fishing board. It will never be even
  2. Lingcod need more respect! I'd take a 20lb ling over a 20lb chromer.
  3. ibn, hope you're joking...but seriously. Dan, I agree that there is too much elitism and snootiness in the fly fishing community and i think sometimes internet boards provide the perfect media for cheapshot taking. you can feel superior and like a smartass without having to face some one in person. Unless I missed something though, I felt that the disc drag conversation was fairly civil. There were certainly people who disagreed with your argument, but no one was insulting one another that I noticed. They were simply debating the merits of pieces of gear.
  4. Dan, my friend, your wiser beyond your years... Greg
  5. Dan, take a look at the tone of yours posts on the aforementioned reel didn't leave much room for personal preference If you are going to approach an opinion thread with a strong opinion, be ready for the same in return. Your take on the benefits of disc drag reels was quite opinionated and begged for retort. I see no problem with a civil argument (that's what the thread was), and I do not see it being a reflection of the character or pretentiousness of the fly fishing community as a whole.
  6. When I first started out in the fly fishing thing I always thought that you needed the best equipment/gear. But I have found out over the years of fishing this way, that the best stuff out there is what you are using. I always wanted a top of the line Gloomis but had to settle for a GL3. Which in my opinion,is a damn good rod. I've always bought the middle of the road products and have been happy with what I have.

    I found out with my style of casting that I would probably just break the high cost stuff. Or baby it so I wouldn't break it.

    All my gear takes a beating and I like it for that.

    Jim.....The I don't need the high priced stuff to be happy guy
  7. Blah I thought we were all done talking about this stuff for a while.
  8. Exactly. Implying that anyone who disagrees with you or does not fish your way is not a real fly fisher, is just begging for it - especially when your experience is limited.
  9. [ Exactly. Implying that anyone who disagrees with you or does not fish your way is not a real fly fisher, is just begging for it - especially when your experience is limited. ]
    Now I'm hurt. I thought I was the only real fly fisherman ever.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Personally I enjoyed the drag thread. I thought everyone was civil. I don't mind good discussions even though they can get over done and boring at times. Being civil is what is most important.

  10. :thumb:

    In an attempt to meld the two styles, I’ve been working on a fly pattern that will effectively imitate power bait. :eek:
  11. Why would he be joking? I'd take a 20# lingcod over a steelhead any day too. They'll all wild & native, and a hell of a lot meaner.
  12. Hey is this a post about angling morals, or about internet forum morals.
    Me I'd take the 20 pound chromer, but a 50 pound ling cod, thats another story
  13. I'd rather eat Lingcod any day over trout. Some salmon may be equal to lingcod but not trout. That's why its so easy for me to practice catch and release with trout.

    They are hard fighting: But it sure is hard to reach the bottom with a fly. It's even harder to get them to bite without some bait. But, they do put up quite a fight.

    Now when it comes to the ugly award: Lingcod win every time.

  14. Whether you buy a click pawl reel or nymph beads really isn't an issue of morals is it?
  15. I 100% agree with Dan, it doesn't matter one bit the label one your rod or reel is, all that really matters is that you get out there and do some fishing. Just because you can't afford/ don't use a fancy name brand like Sage or Abel, doesn't mean that you should be held in any less regard than anyone else. I myself started fly fishing with an $5 old eagle claw rod with a $5 pflueger reel that I got at a garage sale. While I personally enjoy using rods /reels that cost a little more now because of the quality and warranties that doesn't mean that I catch anymore fish because of them. I think that the key thing is to just get out there and do some fishing!!
  16. Jeez, why don't you guys start a Lincod thread........

    Anyway, lets not beat around the bush with Fly fishing guys because fly fishing has been an elitist sport for hundreds of years. It used to be the sport of Lords and Kings.

    My point is that obviously we should all be sensative to our differences in monetary wealth and moral convictions but never forget that fly fishing to the core is elitist and has always been. It is a greater challenge and it is harder to catch a huge fish on a fly and it does feel amazing when you do.

    I think that fly fishers who bicker among fly fishers is absolute BS but seriously BE PROUD!!! It is alright to be a little full of yourself for what you do because it is a spectacular pastime full of history and lore.

    I agree we should never tear each other down, that we should build up the community but never forget that the reality is a 20lbs steelhead on fly is a heck of a bigger deal than a 20lbs steelhead on a gear rod with bait.

    Lets toast our elitism!!!! :beer2: It is alright to be proud!
  17. power bait is all played out man! You need to get your hands on that new caddis flavored smelly jelly! It works great on Lafontaine's sparkle emerger! :)
  18. iagree It's also worth remembering that it's the ragged end of the cabin fever season, a time when we can all see the days getting longer and smell spring in the air. But everyone's still hunkered down and irritable and ready to pounce on any post that rubs their fur the wrong way, however slightly.


  19. Very true but Lance doesnt ride a huffy, and I dont think that Lefty casted a yellow eagle claw very often. :cool:

    There is a difference in quality and if you can notice it and want top end stuff you pay for it, but that does not mean you can flame a guy who uses a fifty dollar outfit.
  20. Lucky here I was just about to call you to go fishing but after that statement I am not sure I dare. Smelly Jelly, you have been working at the warehouse way to long.

    I have great equipment, last count over 30 rods but does that make me a better angler not really. What it does mean is I have the right tool for the job and my job takes me all over the place. I getting the feeling the “have not’s” are doing most of the complaining about elitist status that is attached to fly fishing. Time to get over it, it’s always been that way and always will be. For me there is a difference between elitist and the snob that thinks he is better than someone else because he has better equipment. If you fish flies exclusively you are an elitist, if you are a snob well then you are just an a$$. I will fish behind a snob any day, it’s a karma thing.

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