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  1. Josh

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    As I said above, PBR is brewed by South African/UK owned SABMiller. Pabst Brewing Company, the parent company of PBR (and Schlitz, Stroh, Schaefer, Rainier, Olympia), has exactly zero breweries of their own.

    So they aren't the largest brewer of anything. They are the largest domestically owned repackaging company of beer brewed by others.
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    Wasn't Bud/Busch known as the workingman's/NASCAR/ball park beer? The lowest common denominator among mass brewed beers? It seems odd that a European company would buy it. With most of those workingman jobs now being done in China it only seems logical that the Chinese would buy the brew that accompanies those jobs.

    NASCAR has been having trouble filling seats and has started giving gas vouchers in some of it's venues. Perhaps they should give beer vouchers if they really want to improve attendance. If that fails there is always free sidearms for every male 21 and over.:) Standing room only plus huge beer sales! Ive
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    The company that bought it was already the largest brewery in the world and had forced AB into a distribution deal. They make Europe's NASCAR beer, Stella Artois. So now, AB is essentially Belgian beer.
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    Having worked in the beverage industry for the better part of 14 years, the consolidation that has been going on in the wine industry and now the beer industry has been par for the course for about the last 7-9 years. Add into that the weak US dollar and the fact that AB wasn't all that interested in global expansion outside of whipping Bud into the number one brand in the world (a great idea but tough to do in a marketplace w/ increased competition).

    I'd personally much rather support the little guy, the local craft brewer any day of the week, but nothing beats a ice cold PBR or Coors Light after a long day of flogging the water.
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    Economics 101, drink and study hard
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  7. tim beez

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    seattle or kitsap co happy hour anyone?
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    Tim, I'm with you. You know I'm not much quality company to hang with, but I'll still hang. Is my rod reparied yet?
  9. tim beez

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    beats me? theyve been flooded lately... people are fishing
  10. Zen Piscator

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    Easy there little shooter, I'm just regurgitating information from the interwebz. I never much cared for facts, they are boring.
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    Seattle, Georgetown to be precise of the local as originally stated by Alpine and Stonefish. My fav's include 9 lb hammer, smarty pants, or if we want to make it a venue that can include any age we could meet at Stellar pizza.

    Zen, 2.25 for a beer is posh, I remember the .79 Big Bear ptyd
  12. ChrisW

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    Rainier is now owned by..................Pabst! :beathead:

    Here's a way to avoid inserting NFR into posts like this: ....Home of: Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale, Trout Stout, Mudshark Porter, Thornton Creek E.S.B., etc

    Disclaimer: They also Brew Puget Soundkeeper Clean Water Ale, which benefits the nonprofit that I work for and helps protect water quality in Puget Sound. Thanks Guys! :beer2:
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    Don't worry there 'big chunk', I'll be just fine. You go ahead and regurgitate all you want.
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    You want mass produced american beer..... drink Sam Adams.
    It's always a good decision.... and still American.
  15. Evan Burck

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    i'm a big supporter of local beer. after having beer from a large majority of our area breweries, i think Ellersick Brewing in Lynnwood trumps all. yummmmmmmmm
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    I'd be in. I need to get down and see Jim at FethaStyx. It would have to be in mid October though as my ass is currently being handed to me in the home moving process.

    What about Fall City? The Little Saloon there on the corner. That place is cool and they have Wildcat IPA on tap.

  17. Josh

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    Home moving process? Shit brah, you married. Your ass was handed to you a long time ago.
  18. hookedonthefly

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    True That.

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    I held all of you in such high esteem, only to learn that so many are still drinking macro brew. Which is probably OK if you're still in high school or college. However, graduating requires . . . well, graduating.