Announcing, "The ’08 O.P. Bash"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Got to change the rules. 5" minimum and tight line only. T-14 is encouraged, lots and lots of T-14. Bove, CDC? you and rene harrop can go hang out on the henry's fork together and skip and hold hands. :rofl:
  2. That does it! I'm gonna show up, if only for a day, not only with my 8 wt, but also my 6 wt and my 4 wt, and if I'm not trailering my mini-drifter, then I'll be car-topping my squanoe. For when the rivers get dangerously booked with driftboats full of wildass partying wff members, I will attempt to escape the madness and go fish small flies for trout in one of the year round lakes up there!:cool:
  3. There will be no skipping and holding hands. Drink all you want, with 30 people already going it will be good to have at least half puking up their spleen at day break. I will have fished several runs. Monday thru Friday, 16 hours of fishing on five hours of sleep a night. I fish hard and lose 8 to 12 flies a day. I need four or five dozen flies. This aint gonna be a cub scout meeting. I’m a bank monkey at heart, but I will bring my toon or float with anyone that offers. All I’d have to offer are flies, a big fat sandwich and experience. In the spirit of the fishing buddy program, I will spend time tying flies on the leaders of new guys. Once again demonstrating that we at Washington fly fishing are not elitist holes that don’t give a crap about the new guys. However, I would prefer to fish hard with other knowledgeable brothers, so my time for showing the new guys the ropes will be limited. I’m fishing my ass off. I’m not bringing a grill. Just sandwiches and coffee and water.
  4. scout? dangerous? nah! we make a big toast to river gods, drink down the prayer and hold on tight ! We don't need no scoutin', where's the fun in that?

    Please Matt????? Tye my fly on will yuh?????
  5. What do you guys say to a REAL pissing contest for once?

  6. Separate nymphing and swinging divisions then.
  7. heh, heh, disqualify me now, or i'll bring my "pocket pressure washer" attachment and cheat.

    edit: damn, i'm so littoral.
  8. No advance scouting of rapids allowed. Got to give SAR something to do, and maybe thin out the pressure on select fly water at the same time. There ought to be a special prize for the angler who catches and does not release a WFF carcass that comes floating down the river.
  9. Anybody know a good knot for tying a steelhead fly to tippet?
  10. Hell yeah: it is called Buehler Steelhead is 10 overhand knots.
  11. Hmmmmm. I'll be there the previous Saturday-Monday. May drop by on Monday and say hello. Maybe even come back out the following weekend. Sounds like a blast.
  12. Now you have gone and ruined for some of us. I thought we were gonna just folow the yelow brick road, and click our ruby red slippers to catch fish.
  13. I usually just tie one half-hitch. :thumb:
  14. If there is room for a couple more, my buddy and I would like to go. He's not a FF angler yet but I'm sure you guys will change that!

    This is going to be better then those Pram burnings I hope.
  15. I don't know. I've never been to one of them. We burn a lot of firewood, dug fur, propane. That sort of thing.
  16. You better keep open seat reserved for your father Mark. I expect my boys to slay Rick in both Hepatic poison and steel.
  17. We might have to have a secondary competition. The inlanders/montanans VS. coasterners/ wet siders. :beer2: No rules if this goes down, beads, glue eggs, scent it all goes! :rofl: I'm going to dead drift roe on a center pin :rofl:

    cheers guys, This should be fun ptyd
  18. Rick,

    You clearly don't understand. There is no competition in the fishing. You can compete all you want at the keg drinking however. It's encouraged in fact. Commode huggin' drunks is the whole idea.
  19. I'm just joking and being a smart a$$. I am fully aware of what's going down. :beer2:
  20. I might just have to show up and show the young guys how to drink. I've been mulling this around in my brain for a few days now.

    How much does a three day out of state license cost. But with me driving over 800 miles just to get there why should I worry about a cheap thing like that.

    But being that I'll be 73 at the time it might just slip my mind and forget about it. I'm almost senile now.


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