Announcing, "The ’08 O.P. Bash"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. I will be there the 29th and 30th. I can't make the week days of the Bash, but I will be there the week before (15th - 23rd). If anyone will be around maybe we can get a pre-Bash going. Looks like it will be a good time. See you there.

  2. Its on the calendar as of right now!!!
    Time to get tying...maybe get a 9wt built up by then, hmmm?

  3. 26 bucks unless you are handicapped. So I'd probably drink the first day and then get your tags at a discount the following morning.
  4. well, you might have to show up just so someone IS drinking. Alot of talk over near the bushes about many actually fishing and such. Better just bring handwarmers, no need for firewood if everyone is waist deep in the fricken water.
  5. I can fish with a hang-over...
    Planning on showing up Thursday night, stay until Sunday afternoon. I'm sure I read it here somewhere..."I fear no Beer!"
  6. Now, see ,,there yuh go, you get a seat in the boat for sure:thumb:

    (just outta arms length from the cooler)
  7. unless its busch ice
  8. I rike beerz, I rike steerheadz.
  9. I'm planing on going, might bring my brother if nobody minds. Only thing is he's dead...figured he'd want to do a roadie to the coast. It's not like a weekend at Bernie's thing, he's cremated and in a little black plastic box, so he's not like a stiff or a walking zombie. But back in the day he liked to party down, he never did fish much though cept' sit on the bank soaking a worm and downing a few beers.
    Been dealing with the VA for months now with there paperwork, would like to send him off with the military honor's and gun salute, taps and flag ceremony. But until then he's been sitting here on my dresser just as well do something with him.
    Seat still open on any boat? He could sit on my lap.

    And he had a helluva sense of humor too so it's not like it's any disrespect.

  10. Can we get a gram, and cut him into a few lines first?? :eek: :thumb:
  11. iagreeiagreeiagree

    Some low-life SOB stole the tarp and tarp rope I had set up at the #5 site at Cottonwood last weekend, while I was away from camp fishing. :mad::mad:

    I usually camp at Oxbow, the Upper Hoh, or Bear Creek, but there was so much snow on the ground (more than I've ever seen before), it was hard to find a bare spot, or an open campground. The DNR has Bear Creek listed as 'open' on their website, but it was closed when I drove past last Sunday.

    Have fun, everyone. I gotta be in Indianapolis that week. bawling:

    Actually, even if I could get over there, I would be very afraid, hanging out with all you hooligans.....:D
  12. Yeah, but I'm not fronting any. Seriously might not be a good idea, he was basically swimming in agent orange in Nam'
  13. So, we just gonna go with the flow when it comes to camping? Only problem about Bear Creek is it's a bit aways from the Hoh's campgrounds. Loved the place though, camped there TONS of times growing up. Maybe start with Oxbow and work our way up to Willoughby and then Minnie Peterson on the Hoh. If all else fails, backtrack down to Cottonwoods. I'll have my camper, so I can park about anywhere and put the jackstands down. I'll just need to be close if I'm to be the camp cook that weekend. :) I'll have some new goodies from my prostaff program. Hopefully will have them tested out before I head down that way. I'll bring some food to go along with it, but as we get closer will probably need to get a list of foods people need to bring.
  14. i am in. I plan on coming thursday thru sunday..... if i can get "government" approval.

    This sounds sweeeeeet.
  15. "Bernie" doesn't sound like he drinks much anymore, so yeah, you can ride in the boat

    I got a big ol Cabelas 2000 person guide tent that we can use to pass out in
  16. I'll be there Friday thru Sunday and might have room for 1 more for a carpool (I'd like to leave early Friday, or maybe Thursday pm - it might be too late to go Thurs, but, if not, that would be cool.).

    PM me if there are any takers.

  17. That's one of the coolest things I've heard so far... I don't have a boat, but we can definately get together when you get there... Let's make sure he gets a good time :)

    -- Cheers
    -- James

    PS PM me your digits, I lost them and I've been meaning to call!
  18. Ok, I edited the list on the first thread because there is some kind of software glitch that keeps writing the same names twice. Anyway, that is 38 people so far in four days for an event that doesn’t happen for seven weeks. That’s kewl! Whatever.

    If your name is not on the first thread, but you’re going then say so in reply to this thread of PM Scoones or me. I’m going to try to put up a graphic with what days each person will be there during the week. Opps, never did a graphic before. Geriatrics I can do, but this may not be in the scope of me practice.
  19. The Graphic
  20. Word. Nice graphic!

    I'll likely be there there Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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