Announcing, "The ’08 O.P. Bash"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Sweet! Can I drive down for some taste testing? I'm willing to do my part to help the cause out! :cool:

    Can't wait to sample some of the Daschofsky cuisine... I've only heard the raves, but haven't experienced it before!
  2. Well it looks like it's going to be a bash. Lots of people coming. Who's coming from the farest away. My road trip shoud be like over 800 miles one way. Will have to check it out when I get there.

  3. LOL. I already have my sample people coming over. First brisket in this system, so don't want to have tons try it out. You just never know how something is gonna turn out the first time. But it's looking good so far, put it in at 6am this morning. Just tossed in the baby back pork ribs. They both should be done around 5-6pm. Been doing my hourly basting. So let's hope it turns out. Nice thing, I can do probably about 2-4 10# briskets and about 7-14 slab of ribs at once in this smoker. Only doing one and one for the test. Sure smells good though. :)
  4. Jerry, you are killin me. My bowl of oatmeal isn't tasting so good after reading the menu.
  5. Jim. I'm comming from North Carolina. I think that is like 1 day and 19 hours of straight driving from here says google maps.

    1200 miles or something like that.
  6. Here's a little teaser for you all. Only have about 3 1/2-4 hours to go. Just did another basting and it's starting to carmelize.


    It's smelling pretty good here. Looks like these two are taking up alot of room, but with my rib racks I can easily put 6 rack of ribs per level and almost 2 10# briskets per level.

    Sorry, didn't realize my phone was out of focus. But you get the idea.
  7. Ok, had to post again. Turned out great. Not sure I'd do the brisket though. That was a good solid 12 hours of constant basting (every hour on the hour with my basting sauce). But would do a full thing of ribs. Kids ate it up pretty quick. About half of the brisket and about all the ribs are gone. Chopped up a bunch of what was left for brisket sandwiches tomorrow (have my homemade BBQ sauce and kaiser rolls to make them with).
  8. I'll bring a case of hostess donettes
  9. I realized after I wrote this that my 800 miles is a small change compared to where you are coming from. And it's just alittle farther than 1200 miles.

  10. John's taking a short cut. That's why he's only traveling 1200 miles.

  11. You know Jim I thought the same thing. I know it's 3000 miles from seattle to Boston give or take. But it really puzzles me that google maps has it at 2800 or so. Awe screw it I'm comming and I'll have fun no matter what the distance.
  12. Perhaps Google is doing the math in a linear method, ie: straight through the earth, rather than over the surface. You wouldn't notice this error over small distances but across a continent, well, maybe.
  13. What Nick Riggs can do with a pencil is pretty amazing. Good news that he was up for drawing up a steelhead for an event shirt.

    To make it easier this time around I'll just be ordering up beefy-t long sleeves. White. That way everyone has the best chance of getting the size they expect.

    I need to get an idea of how many to order, so if you're interested, please let me know soon. Those of you that have stated to be coming I'll PM to ensure you know about it. Cost is unknown given the print folks are just getting the artwork and details now.

    fyi - WFF logo on front, steel on back.

  14. Sweet! I'll take one XXL or even XXXL if they go that big. I'm happy to send a paypal payment or however is easist, just let me know.

    Nick does some great work there! :cool:
  15. Chris I'm up for Two mediums.
  16. two here==== one XL and one XXL
  17. Oh hell, why not. Put me down for one. Extra large size if you please.

  18. Chris, set me up with a fat-boy XL!
  19. Put me in for (2) Large please

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