Announcing the Spey Clan!

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Philster, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Errr, I posted that last comment to the wrong forum.... :| None the less this spey thing sounds cool, if you don't mind I've love to participate!
  2. SG, if you've ever seen Aaron's legs you'll know why we're shying away from kilts.bawling:

    AND what's with "whiskEy?" You surving Rye up there? Any real scotch drinker knows it's spelled without the 'e.':ray1:
  3. Hummm ... a very long weekend in San Francisco or jail time? I'm still a bit concerned about the "love to participate" choice of words. Think I'll lock the door on the motor home.

  4. Fred,
    Never buy whisky, the real stuff is to be had at the distillery......... late at night with some empty bottles a hand drill and a cork bung, an old postie used to fill his bath, and if you ever wanted a drink he would give you a jug and point at the bath, where he had a wash i dont know, must have been in the river.
    Now thats a real WHISKY drinker, and that stuff was bullet proof, like a hairy worm round your heart.:eek: .
    Its the Irish that spell it with an E, anyway looking forward at sometime to meet up with all you Clan guy's.
    Think i have the very double-handed rod for you, o sorry spey rod.:D
  5. "i don't know where you've been, my son, but i see you've won first prize!"

    for you kilt-tilters

  6. SG, I defer to your obvious knowledge. Best single malts I've ever had were 'cast strength.' Most SM's, et. al. are cut with water to get them down to 80 proof (or less if you're in Canada) ... bust cast strenght?

    Try up to 150+ proof!ptyd You can't believe how good these single malts can be .. or just how expensive. :rolleyes:
  7. Hi Fred,
    I know what you mean, but there is no point on me putting labels on my bottles, or to give them there proper name (big containers that you can carry and get over a fence with) :D
    Thats the beauty of working on the Spey, a famous beautiful river, loads of rods and lines to try out each week and a whisky trail with 27 distilleries, its just some prefer to visit them later in the evening . ptyd
  8. So when are you gonna host a meeting of the Spey Clan?
  9. Hi Sloan craven,
    I am hosting one in BC later this year, been working on it for around 8 months now ,the Clan Gathering i am hosting will have Clan Rods as the main sponsor, the last traditional rod maker in Scotland.
    So there will be a few Highlanders, kilt ,whisky, and demo's and a chance to meet up and have a chat with the best in the world,not me i might add, got underhand , distance, grant style and even skagit/scando style covered.
    Also got some great raffle prizes including some collector rods and reels, prizes to the value of $5000.00 .
    I would love to come along to you Washington Clan Gathering but that would need to be next year, you could also thing about having Highland games at the Gathering, the Chief would open the Games by banging his Claymore on his Targe,:eek: (i know it sounds painfull ) but its nor really.
    I was born in a Clan, well you would have to be with the name Macleod.
  10. What's up with spey guys? Spey Clan this, Spey Clave that... You're like a bunch of junior high girls who can't go pee unless you're in a group :p :p :p :clown:
  11. Well, skip the JR high girls ... it's a function of fluid intake that gets to us all sooner than later.:beer1:

    Darn near forgot to add: I'm good to go! Booked next to the last RV site in the Park this morning. Reservation lady is a total hoot! Be in space 17 of 18. Ergo, if you're going to RV BOOK NOW; only one left.

    Appears there may be simi-hook ups; NO SEWER.:confused:
  12. SG, are you still shooting for the following weekend?????? Can 'afford' one trip north (8 hrs drive just to get to the Tolt River from Ashland) @ 50 cents per mile for gas.

    Yes, that's how bad it is driving some 27,000 of motor home plus another 4600'ish pounds of Jeep Liberty. Not for the faint of heart on the wallet.bawling:
  13. So Gordon, what else does a good clan have. We need a chief. a claymore and a Targe. What else? Where do you get a claymore?
    And we need some sort of common ancestor, which can be an animallian totem?
  14. Count me in, this sounds great.
  15. Hey Fred,
    My Clan Gathering is the weekend before Aaron's its on the 21st-22 Oct,sorry but i have been busy on the river, but it would be worth the trip up to watch and see Scott's demo alone, not got anything to sell , just guy's doing demo's and chatting about fishing, casting .
    Can't promise you loads of companies selling stuff,have'nt got any and thats the way i like it, but can promise you a dram or two, and some awesome raffle prizes.
  16. I hate Haggis!
  17. Bob, how could you say such a thing, are you cooking it in the right kind of Whisky :confused:
    Its ok i hate rotten ronnie's (Macdonalds), that you guy's love so much.:p
  18. Your at the end of a very long line with that one.;)
  19. Had a look in a tourist shop yesterday and did'nt realise there was so many things with whisky in them, from Fudge to marmalade and some big fruit cakes soaked and left to mature in whisky, all single malts. Holy there is loads of food with single malts in them, very healthy stuff , and not a burger in sight.:cool:

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