Annual Deschutes trip

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  1. photo.jpg My uncles, brother in law and I had our annual week fishing the Deschutes last week. It was scary seeing the river spike the week before. We were all hoping it would be fish able by Tuesday the 23rd. My brother in law and I arrived late Monday and woke up Tuesday to a decent color and a dropping river. It was on from there. The fishing was good for trout and whitefish all 4 days. Plus I landed my largest Deschutes trout to date. The steelhead fishing was decent as well, with 5 hook ups. My brother in law hooked three and I hooked two nymphing. My uncles, spey fishermen, didn't do as well as usual. We all had some good takes here and there but it is steelhead fishing, can't hook them all. With good company, good scotch and great weather. All in all the D took care of us again. I have one picture but will have to post it later.
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  2. Thanks for the quick report. I will be there for four days late this week and will post if I have any success.
  3. finally added the pic.
  4. Nice! The Deschutes is an awesome river...just need to tell work to piss off and get over there.

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