Another 4 martini lunch quote...

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by FinLuver, Mar 23, 2014.

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    Moody countered…

    “There are examples of situations, of successes like that. If you look at where the biggest are, they are typically on wildfish…. the John Day, Umpqua, the Eel River in Northern California, those are great examples of great success stories.

    “And they all don’t have hatcheries, and they don’t have dams.”
    For all the "whiners"'s the link... :p
    Now how many dams are there on the Eel and Umpqua systems??
    NFS... geesh :)
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    I'm pretty sure the Eel river has a dam
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    Board member of Three Rivers Alliance eh?
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    The John Day has innumerable irrigation dams and diversions. The N. Umpqua has several hydro dams, and is stocked with hatchery steelhead. The Eel may not have a hatchery, but a tributary has one.

    FinLuver shoulda' stopped after 3 martinis.

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    Fin is my favorite hatchery champ troll. The chronimid avatar is the icing the cake. Very subtle. Comedic ingenuity right there.
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    I do not think I have ever had a martini! :confused:
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    No martooni's here but the John Day is a wonderful example. No dams, no hatcheries...but it's flow has been altered hugely by irrigation withdrawals...but the fish remain healthy and robust and strong in numbers...and I've caught alot of hatchey fish on it but there is no hatchery!!
  9. Joepa Joe from PA

    Indeed. Lots of strays in that system, though I can't say that I've found the wild run to be very robust the last 2 years. I'd be very interested to know what the wild escapement has been the last few years on the JD.
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    No martinis here, can't stand them. Also, I could change my avatar, maybe a skunk or a golden demon, but you whiners couldn't handle it; besides, you would have to find another to put down...I think I'll absorb the toxin for my fellow man's sake.

    Back to the NFS...continue "diggin' a hole" with your quotes. :D
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    So Terry... please change your avatar as you wish.. I know we can handle it! Maybe I'll come down to the NFS meeting in Portland to support them and see what your group really does first hand.

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    In the city of "keepin' it weird" more will hardly be noticed. :p
  13. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    I was inspired enough by this public display of stupidity that I sent in my membership payment for the Native Fish Society right away.
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    I just joined NFS too. Thought about it many times but this one forced me to become a member.

    The economcs are lost on nearly everyone. Each hatchery fish costs how much? If the fish is harvested and sells for less than it cost then it can't continue indefinitely...well, it can if it's subsidized but that means were putting good money into something that always loses.
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    Welcome to the United States governments logic regarding economics, more and more people are starting to wake up though
  16. PT Physhicist

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  17. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    Because choice is an illusion. High cost of entry stops any regular person from getting elected, and voters are worn out from the new guy being the same as the old guy. Perfect storm that results in electing the same asshole every time. Even if the name on the ballot is different.
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    I read that too, and thought to myself "The John Day is a success story?" While there are periods on the John Day where the CPUE seems high, is that because they are vulnerable or is it that they are more abundant? I knew some researchers that were trying to compare steelhead productivity between the Yakima and the John Day, but they were frustrated by lack of reliable return per spawner data. John Day Dam counts minus McNary minus Umatilla 3 mile dam has its problems as an adult return count. What the John Day needs is a dam near the mouth like Prosser Dam on the Yakima so they can get a good count (sarcasm alert).

    And when they're talking up wild steelhead recovery success stories, why is the Yakima never mentioned?
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