Another Alaska Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ak_powder_monkey, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Mostly because I want to see what you all thing "Alaskan Flies" are I'm thinking 12-20 people How bout a thanksgiving deadline? Who's in?
  2. Guess I'll give it a try.

  3. yea ill be working in alaska next summer prob, so i need some flies. im down.
  4. Im down to do another Alaska Swap. My fly will be an articulated something. Maybe a small one for Bows or a big one for silvers.
    I would do my flesh tube but looks like most people are in the Bull trout swap too.
  5. guiding? if so shoot me an email I'll help ya figure out a thing or too ptyd
  6. i wish i was guiding. my parents live in eagle river, so im going to live there for the summer. idk what im going to do as far as work goes so if u know any place looking for summer help let me know :beer2:
  7. well I live in Eagle River in the summer. I'll show you around when I'm not working.
  8. Anyone else want to join?
  9. I am in. I will try to match a fly I bought at a kenai river shop. It is a pink maribou fly. Dont know the name.
  10. I in if you will have me with a furled sac fry imitation.
  11. Swap still on and how many in so far?

  12. Looks like 6 so far.
  13. Need an address if it's still on.

  14. alright

    Patrick McCormick
    4300 Universit Dr
    Juneau AK 99801 deadline: thanksgiving!
  15. how many are we tying?
  16. One pattern or maybe everyone do two patterns? Dosen't matter to me.
  17. What is our total amount of tyers??
  18. Mine are done, tied an even dozen, everyone should get two with the extras for the meister, will post a photo tommorrow. Haven't named it yet but should catch something.

  19. Alaskan Limeade:

    hook-size 4 stainless
    tail-chartreuse marabou
    body-pink chenille
    collar hackle-black schlappen

    simple fly

  20. On the way Patrick

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