Another Alaska Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ak_powder_monkey, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Thanksgiving two days away anymore swappers in yet?

  2. I have 6 done. Do I need to make more?
  3. sorry to back out last minute but theres no way ill be able to finish these flies by thanksgiving. sorry guys!
  4. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Has anyone else made any progress on there flies for this swap? :hmmm:
  6. Mine are tied but they are at work right now and I will not be back there till Monday at this point. I planned to send them yesterday but a trip in to the hospital and 5 hours staring at a ceiling put a end to that. I am home and ok but I can not go back to work till Monday by orders of both my bosses both the home one and my work one.
    I ended up switching over to a very basic spun deer hair mini mouse since I did not have any size 10 scud hooks its not as intresting but it is a more year round AK pattern.
    If you need to proceed with the swap without me I understand. I should have mailed them a few days ago but I was not even sure the swap was still on.
  7. No Problem Patrick
  8. Mine are done, will send them out on monday.
  9. I will send mine out tommarrow.
  10. My flies and return postage $ went out priority mail today.

    fly 1 basic mini deer hair mouse
    Size 2 hook
    6/0 thread
    Tail grey yarn
    Body spun and trimmed deer hair

    fly 2 Cone head Rainbow Thorn
    34007 size 1 stainless steel hook
    1/4 cone head
    underbody grey yarn
    tail Krystal flash Silver
    Body New age Candy Chenille size 2 Rainbow

    Note this fly can also be done with Silver chenille instead of Rainbow chenille for the Cone head Silver Thorn.
  11. Any News?
  12. Wondering the same
  13. 5 in but no results
  14. PM sent.
  15. got 5 sets of flies, will send them out tomorrow. if anyone else sent flies I probably won't get em because I"m leaving college tomorrow night.
  16. Whose did you receive? Did you receive mine??
  17. Check that I have 4 from:

    C Warren
    Darle Holmstrom
    Chris Ringlee
    Patrick O. Michellich

    If I get any more over break i'll send out the rest when I get back janurary 16

    P.S. You guys are gonna flip when you see mine :D
  18. Did you mail the flies out?
  19. Any update would be appreciated.
  20. Has anyone heard anything?? He said he was going to send them on the 15th of December, it is the 10th of January..........

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