Another Evening at Lone

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  1. Finally convince Roper to travel across the pond and fish Lone a bit. Hit the water around 6:00. Surface temp was 72 but the fish were still pretty active. Hooked a few, lost a few, and got a few to the net. One was so big and mean it destroyed one of Ricks reels! :D
    Met up with Steve Kokita also and he convinced us to try some chrony fishing for a short time. Neither of us lasted very long "bobber staring" but Rick had a nice one break him off. Steve K. was getting flies stolen as well and we figured the fish would soon look like a Starbuck's barista with all the lip piercings. Rick left to hit the ferry and I went in with him around 9:00. Before I packed up I started seeing rises all around in front of the ramp. I couldn't resist and went back out with an emerger and picked up several. Steve K. was heading in at that time and we fished until it was dark. Great weather, great company and great fishing. What more could you ask for.:)

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  2. Sorry I missed it. You always make it out the days my wife works.

    Whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa, did I read that right you indicatored again!
  3. great report - and great looking fish!
    Man that water is warm! I wonder if its any cooler near the bottom?
  4. My Fishin' Buddy takes temps at the very sub-surface, I would imagine the temps drop a bit on bottom, that's where the majority of the marks were on the screen.

    Always fun to fish with Islander, we both struggle with still fishing and indicator. We'd rather move, cast, and strip that just sit and watch.

    There may not be a lot of fish at lone, but there are some healthy ones. One made little effort at snapping off my fly and dropper on 4X. Another took off and smoked my old Colorado reel. The clicker doesn't hold now, not sure what's up with it. That's what I get for going undergunned with a 4 weight.

    Despite missing ferry's and waiting for the next one coming and going the trip to Lone is pleasant for me. Time well spent relaxing and having some fun...
  5. Great report photos, not to mention an all-star group of fishermen!

    Choochokam ferry lines though, argh!
  6. That was fun! Good fishing with you again Steve and nice meeting you Rick. Keep on with the indicators, once you get it dialed in it's addicting! The bobber goes down...........
  7. get broke that's fun....:rolleyes:
  8. Nice report. Spent the B-day weekend up at Mason Lake. Little to no fishing.

    Steve, ya need to invite up over foror the fall bite.
  9. Yea! Campout on Steve's lawn...
  10. I don't have a lawn, but I have lots of room.
  11. Name the date!


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