Another Fly Shop Closing Their Doors

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by GAT, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Well....that'll have 'em shakin' in their boots. Actually, online retailers know all about returns and have policies and guidelines in place for them. Google RMA...
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  3. Many of them already do. By way of example, I have bought several items from PS Fly Co via this website. I have also bought materials from The Gorge Flyshop, Caddis, Creekside, The Flyshop in redding, Kaufmanns (old days), Water West and AO Feathers and I am sure more. Even Orivs and Cabelas :) I have shopped some of these in the store as well, but not all of them.

    I also buy stuff from Steve's Archery (archery and Fly shop here in Walla Walla). And Bi-Mart. Used to buy stuff at Payless and an a long ago closed Flyshop in a strip mall on the banks of the Cedar in downtown Renton.

    I'm not passing judgement on anyones purchasing habits, and I agree that the Internet should be in the mix of any Fly Shops business.

    HOWEVER, the Internet is also the great equalizer and margins have very likely shrunk on products. The only way to offset falling margins is to increase volume or diversify into products with better margins. Problem is, can a small shop do this and would they even want to? I mean, how many Flyshop owners got in the business to become the Flyfishing version of I bet almost none. They like fly gear, and did not dream of being the head of a $100M/yr online retailer scraping off 0.5% profit margin. High liability, high volatility, low net profit.

    That sounds like Farming, and unless you want to Farm, its a lousy job.

    I assume a need to diversify (even if they don't know this academically) results in the continued success of shop based guide businesses. Or custom materials. Or destination travel.

    Anyway the loss of someones dream is sad.
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  4. The really sad part of all off this cuts much deeper than just the loss of the brick & mortar fly shop. It also represents the loss of years of work in building a healthy business. An investment towards retirement when one sold the business. One would think (or maybe it is just blind hope) the same fly fishing industry that built the (brick & mortar) fly fishing pro shop concept would see the writing on the wall here and step in with a rescue plan. I, for one, will not be laying out major bucks for a piece of equipment that I am not able to do a side by side comparison with several other models from different competitors.
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  5. Is this a serious statement? Or maybe this was originally posted in 1998?
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  7. A sad day indeed. I've always enjoyed the trips I've taken with Rich (he'll still be guiding)...I'd be willing to bet that his stress level will be much less without having to worry about the retail side of things...
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