Another Full Lot Report and Observations

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Shawn Seeger, Mar 10, 2010.

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    Goddammit where are all those white Hale/Bopps I tied?
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    I've been reading this post since I got back from Lenice on this same weekend. I fish both ways and the lake was crowded to say the least on Sunday. I think trollers and chiro fishers need seperate waters, at least some space between them as they don't mix very well. The lake is huge and trout do cruise. If people are crowding the "honey hole", give it some time and it will open up. Heck, as mentioned in other messages, ask if you can come in and join the crowd.
    It seemed everyone was interacting fairly on the water and it got ugly in the parking lot around camp fires. throw in alcohol and fishing lies and it is bound to get unruly.

    Fisher person in question is a good person. She knows how to fish and I feel she knows lake etiquette. I would share water with her any time.

    Come on, it was the first weekend of the opener, what were people expecting? When I pulled into the parking lot it reminded of when the circus comes into town, kind of like on the lake.

    I liked Griswald's last post. So gear up, get over it and tight lines.

    For what it's worth, trolling for me produced 11 fish on Sunday and 6 on Monday in the horrible wind, plus one on a chiro.
    hares ear of all things...

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    All I have to say is that all you pissy flockers deserve each other! Even with the river closures, there are soooooo many other options out there and nobody has the creativity to come up with somewhere to fish that isn't a combat scene?!? Whatever....! I spent Sunday on a small westside lake waaaay closer than Lenice/Nunnally/Lenore, catching gorgeous cutties up to 15 inches on dries and stripped soft hackles, and didn't see another fisherman all day. The other day, I drove past Pass and there must have been at least 20 boats on the water. Ahhhh..... roaring highway noise and 20-30 other people on a "quality" lake fishing for mutants and invasive species. Throw in a little animosity, radio blabber and a round of bumper boats and you have pretty much the perfect flyfishing experience! :rofl:
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    Sounds like WDFW need to install a conflict resolution booth at Lenice Lake for all of the 206 er's:ray1:
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    ribka, dont go there . "206 er's"
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    I have read my words, I'm sorry you still did not provide for me any words that I used that indicated bullying. I guess after the fact you realized that you jumped the gun and didn't know how to handle it. I get you were just trying to save face. No biggie.

    Were you there when the hook up on the rod happened? What lines did you read between? This was nothing more than an accident misinterpreted by one person and then propogaded by that person with out first understanding the truth. This I understand on her part because I can see how she might have saw it the other way. I truly hope she understands that nothing was done on purpose. As for you trying to perpetuate the lie and adding more to it with no proof, that I do not understand. Your logic continues to confound me. Are you just messing with me? Did Sageman put you up to this? A little early for April Fools. And WOW, you are always aware of who's behind you and you could stop yourself from setting the hook on a fish... YOU are a considered god aren't you.

    Your right I don't understand your analogy. You said something about having a black friend and then you asked if that means that you are not a racist. So you either agreed with me about my analogy, or you were suggesting that you are a racist. So which was it?

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    Ira, Just wondering, how many times in a day do you set the hook while bobber fishing, miss a fish and the whole line, hook and indicator come flying out of the water and over your head? SS
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    Not often at all. But it does happen. What's your point? The only reason the line got tangled is because like any fisherman in the situation halfway through the miss he tried to follow through forward causing a awkward downward arc in the line. Sageman is good, but not that good and there is not a chance that he could have purpously occomplished what happened with his backcast had he been actually tring.

    Why do people continue to question his integrity even though they were not there to witness it? Better yet they are also questioning my integrity as well. Why would I lie about this? This absoultely baffles me.

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    You baffle me! i apologize for my part in this sandbox spat. hope you guys didn't pay too much for the popcorn and beer, Lol.
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    I go where I want to holmes
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    I want to thank you all !! After reading this it confirms my thoughts on these lakes. Stay away !! It's been 15 years for me and now I'll make sure it's another 15 years !!
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    Isn't the grass a little browner on the that side of the mountains?
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    Not until after the 4th of July. Trent
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    I got a phone call around 11 this morning and Scott said that Lenice looks like the KOA . I think there is a club outting this weekend there. So if you dont want crowds dont go to Lenice.
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    Holy crap. I haven't read any of this for a week or so now, didn't realize what a big deal this became. All I can say is that if you are SO incredibly cynical that you honestly believe that somebody would intentionally try and hook another person, then you should probably stay off the high-traffic waters. If you have actually done this (which you seem to indicate you HAVE), then you should REALLY stay off these high-traffic waters. This whole incident was pretty much a non-issue for me. I've hooked myself plenty of times and I'm sure I've hooked other people before. Certainly I've been hooked plenty of times in situations like this. It does not bother me that somebody is trolling close to me. Hell, I've let people without anchors tie up to me on windy days so that they can stabilize themselves and catch fish too. I figure that if you fish around a dozen other people you are bound to hook up lines sooner or later. Have you ever fished Lenore on a weekend?! I merely commented on the fact that I (as did almost everybody in the area on that day) had noticed that one particular person seemed to be particularly unaware of her surroundings and that it was no surprise to me that 1) Somebody hooked her, and 2) That MANY other people also recognized that she IN PARTICULAR was pretty oblivious to how close she was getting to other people. When I troll I generally try and stay out away from other people, but when the lake gets busy this is obviously impossible, so inevitably you are going to find yourself in close proximity to other people at times. When I do troll behind somebody or move behind them, I generally try and make sure they know I am there or at least time it so I am not going behind them while they are casting. Different situation here because I wasn't actually casting, but there was absolutely NO indication that she was back there.

    The only thing about this incident that bothers me is that somebody decided to slowly kick 20' behind me and then got pissed when they got their rod hooked. If I were the one who had gotten hooked by an anchored fisherman, I would have been the one apologizing. Actually, I don't even need an apology. This is just something that happens when you put 20 people in a small area and ask them to start casting fly rods. I'm just miffed that I am being made to look like some disgruntled fisherman here... I didn't know I broke any laws that day.
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    It is time for this thread to die. Everyone quit their whining, shake hands, and get back to fishing. End of story.