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  1. I went back to the river yesterday in hopes of finding the caddis hatch still in full bloom. Things had changed, the river was at least 2 feet lower and the current patterns had changed entirely. And no big caddis hatch was taking place this evening. Still, I knew they were still around so I used a LaFontaine caddis pupa in green on a #14 hook. The smallmouth recognized it immediately. They were taking it fished slow and deep which made retrieval a risky business on the rocky bottom. I need a day to tie more flies.

    I caught a lot of fish in the 11-13'' range but they were sure fun on a 5wt in the heavy current, it often felt like I was pulling a shake shingle sideways in the water. Another fly that was very successful was a rubber legged crawdad pattern that was weighted. Sadly I lost my best of these, the last one right at dark. Two large smallmouths broke me off in the current. I was using 4X tippit at the time and hooked them both on the little caddis pupa. I didn't want to use 3X on such small flies but will have to change my tactics next time out. One that broke me off I never saw but the second one took the fly in the surface film just as it landed and broke it on impact then jumped completely out of the water a second later giving me a good look at him. I would guesstimate about 16-17'' and pretty heavy.

    The best thing about fishing down there? Other than Jesse and John Clark from the Westslope Fly Shop I haven't seen another fly fisherman in the 13 years I have been fishing the river.We have floated it several times from the dam down to Metaline park. And seldom any fishermen at all. It is a rough walk to get to where I fish and most folks never venture more than a few feet away from the parking lot. I fished a lot of frog water on the way in last night and caught smallies all the way back to the car. I even fished the most obvious spot around right below where my car was parked using the assumption that the fish there had never seen a rubber legged crawdad before. I was right.

    I'm taking today off to resupply my fly boxes and hopefully will get out again in a day or two.

  2. Ive: Very scenic area of the state. Have been there a bunch of times Wrestling the Selkirk ranger boys and have often thought about coming back for some fishing. There is a certain river that drops down from BC, with a french name, that used to be a decent dry fly affair. Without going into more detail, does it still produce?
  3. GT, you stumped me on that one. The only river I know of in these parts with a French name is the Pend Oreille and it flows north into Canada where it joins the Columbia. When I moved here 13 years ago it was free flowing below Boundary Dam but almost immediately 9/11 occured and terrorist paranoia set in. Access to the area around the dam was cut off and some great water with monster trout that few people knew about was cut off. It took years before the terrorist behind every tree were cleared out but you still had to get permission and sign in to fish it. I got to go a couple of times but it was an iffy proposition with water levels fluctuating so often. Then the Canadians built a dam several miles downstream that backed water clear up against Boundary Dam and the great fishing was essentially over. I haven't been back in years and have no idea what the situation is now.

    Several times in the past few years they have dropped the PO between Box Canyon and Boundary for maintenence work. During those times the river returned to it's original channel concentrating all those fish in a much tighter area. Kinda like the WDFW stocking truck dumping a load of fish in an Olympic sized pool. The river hadn't been dropped in over a decade so those fish had never seen the riffles, runs and chutes that they were suddenly forced into. But they took up stations exactly where you would expect them to in any freestone stream. I was there for most of those days, in fact the only guy out there with a fly rod and had some truly memorable days on the water.

    So if you know something about a stream with good dry fly fishing in these parts that I don't-or should-fill me in. I'll go check it out.


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