Another human foot washes ashore. What's your theory

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  1. I heard this on the news and I would like to hear some of your crazy theories on why.

    VANCOUVER -- Yet another foot has drifted ashore in B.C.

    Police said two people out for a walk Monday morning spotted the severed left foot -- encased in a sneaker -- floating in the water off Westham Island, at the mouth of the Fraser River.

    It's the fifth foot in a sneaker to wash up in the Strait of Georgia in about a year.

    But it's the first left foot -- the others were all right feet, and two were size 12's.

    Police haven't found any links between the feet.
  2. My guess is mafia related.

    I have heard that some of the Asian based mafias are going strong in Vancouver and that they can be some of the most bloody when it comes to "payback".
  3. I'm curious to see how wadin' boot works this into his next story :clown:
  4. The folks on the Bob River's show speculated that it may be an elaborate movie promotion for, "My Left Foot"
  5. Definately mafia or gang like behavior. If only a couple body parts have shown up, do realize how many body parts you have to throw in the water just to have that many show up on a beach? Maybe it's a serial killer with a new twist. Instead of sum crazy Canadian feeding body parts to pigs, he is feeding the fishes.
  6. What ever it is, its crazy. Next Jeffery Damor(probly not spelt right). Crapy thing is Canada does not have the technology in crime like the USA.
  7. That show is great! :rofl:
  8. The best part of the news story was that the cops are still determining if the feet are all part of a related incident or are seperate incidents.
  9. They've been doing genetic experiments with trout - crossing them with Great White Sharks. Now the trout are starting to extract their revenge. Don't Wade...keep out of the water!!!!!!

    When the Green Drakes hatch, the anglers will come and THEY will be waiting....
  10. Sturgeon bait?

  11. Kevin Bacon?
  12. You're right. It was such a shame when they wasted all those tax dollars on a world-class crime lab only to have the equipment ruined in the spring when the igloo melted.
  13. Something strange is afoot in Canada.
  14. LOL

  15. There's definatly something fishy a'boot this
  16. Pity about the left foot, but I'm sure the other one is all right.
  17. I wonder if it simply washed up on the beach or if they had to toe it in?
  18. Geez, has this already turned into a bad pun contest? :rofl:
  19. it shouldn't be very hard for the authorities to figure out where it came from. The dudes that goes to the hospital with a bloody stump "without the foot" for help should determine whos who. They report stuff like this to the police.
  20. No contest. But if it were, Riseform's post would be a shoe-in.

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