Another human foot washes ashore. What's your theory

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by CovingtonFly, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

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    What the heel!
  2. speyforsteel Degenerate Caster

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    Who's footin the bill on the clean up???
  3. Matthew LeBret Active Member

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    are you guys just pulling my LEG ?
  4. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    I'm guessing that people are being caught fishing beads and this is the canadian punishment .
  5. tediousthumper Hello My name is Thad and Im addicted to flyfishin

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    I've heard that Canadian investigators are close to cracking this case. They've related this foot hacking crime to a top local mob. The investigators plan to send in an informant to collect evidence. When interviewing the informant they asked how he will get the needed evidence for conviction. He replyed "All I need to do is get my foot in the door and its all over".
  6. Big E Moderator

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    I'm glad the Canadians are putting their best foot forward to solve this. It's about time someone put their foot down on these rougue elves.

    You may ask how I know they are elves???

    Quite simple.....

    because you know, a severed foot make a great stocking stuffer. :)
  7. riseform Active Member

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    The BC Coroners Service announced they are hosting a shindig on the northwest shore of Sasamat Lake this weekend.
  8. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Foot-fetish taken to a whole new level...
  9. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    It's probably the Hokie-Pokie gang that's reputed to operate in lower BC. Their motto is, "you throw the left foot out, you throw the right foot in"
  10. 5shot Member

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    Sounds to me like this investigation has many people stumped.
  11. Preston Active Member

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    Curtis Ebbesmeyer, famous for his studies of the float patterns of rubber ducks and Nike sneakers from cargo containers lost at sea offers a rather more mundane explanation. After a period of time underwater, disarticulation occurs and a foot, encased in a buoyant sneaker (as I believe all of the feet found were) floats to the surface and begins to drift.
  12. Matt Baerwalde ...

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    Which leaves open the decidedly un-mundane question: Where the heck are the disarticulating sneaker-wearing bodies coming from?

    And its companion question: why did this thread re-surface like a bobbing Air Jordan?
  13. jwg Active Member

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    Mystery solved

    "Well, ditch your conspiracy theories. The B.C. Coroners Service has now ruined a perfectly good overblown story, having positively identified seven of the feet as belonging to five individuals and concluding that their deaths were the result of suicides or accidents.

    Almost all of them willingly jumped to their deaths from bridges over the Fraser River, their bodies then flowing to the Strait of Georgia. The carcasses eventually sank, were attacked by marine life, and decomposed; limbs separated away, and the protected parts - feet inside buoyant sports sneakers - floated off."
  14. teedub Active Member

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    Three leg sac race in Tokyo?
  15. GATOR9 Hey you guys

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    I heard about 3-4 years ago there was a bus load of Canadian square dancers that just up and disappeared after having a run in with a bunch of Vancouver street dancers and that they are now beginning to surface. It's what I heard anyway.
  16. teedub Active Member

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    I didn't read all of these so I hope this isn't a dup. My Uncle used to say "he had one foot in the grave" and now I know where the other foot goes - Fraser River.