Another "I Keep 'Em All Swap"

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ed Call, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    I have recently been getting in some tying practice by tying flies for good causes. After a recent donation of two sets of flies for one fund raiser I received a request from a member of a local Soroptomist Club. They are working out details for an upcoming fund raiser. Past fund raisers have had many craft items and spa items in great demand by some supporters but they have mentioned that many men have asked for some items that may be more of an interest to them.

    I have committed to provide them a set of my favorite flies (I'm fairly new and this set of favorites is somewhat limited). Having been in quite a few swaps here I hope that many of you might be interested in augmenting the humble flies I can produce.

    I will need the flies in hand by the end of January. I'm not looking for any one tyer to break his or her bank, just send me a fly or two. If you have tied for a swap and have a few extras, I'll take them. If you are motivated and tie up a whole bunch, I'll take them. No real limits.

    I will try to follow in Mike Etgen's footsteps by separating the flies into collections of similar style of fishing type.

    I appreciate any support that you are willing to offer and I'll post updates and provide my address to those who reply here and sign up. I will keep track of who tied what as a donor list, let me know if you wish to remain annoymous. I will also take photos with my limited phography skills.

    Thank you, in advance, for any flies that you choose to contribute.

    As you sign up I'll add your name to the list below and PM you my mailing address. For those who wish to meet face to face I'm always eager to save on postage. Better to spend gas money to fish for a day or something. Be creative with the ties and how to get them to me, I'm cool with that.

    Kelvin - Received, thank you very much. We're gonna have to fish some of these on a lake soon.
    Jergens - Received, awesome steelhead temptations. You're gonna have to send me some recepies.
    Camo Clad Warrior - Received, thank you greatly. (three off the hook bass poppers)
    Mitransplant - Received, thank you very much. (five sea run buggers that will tempt any fish)
    Kerfwappie - Picked them up today. (Amazing as always my friend.)
    Western - Received, thank you. I never thought an altoid tin could hold so many flies.
    Ben Waldschmidt - Received, fantastic as always my friend. Every fly I have ever seen from you is textbook amazing.
    Kim Ferris - Big round tin of nice ties arrived safely.( if you think these are not your best, send me all your junk flies...awesome)
    Sourdoughs - Received. Nymphs like these should be illegal. Thank you.
    Docspratley - Received, thank you. (15 very recognizable classic flies for steelhead and other larger aggressive trout)
    TD - Received, thank you very much. (A dozen flies, three each of four patterns.)
    Kal - Received, many thanks. (Dragonfly nymphs that will dredge up cold lethargic fish looking for a fast high protien meal!)
    Richard Torres - Assortment arrived. (A nice bit o'salt, another nice bit o'trout)
    FishDontCare - Steelhead assortment (and a pretty damn good looking bunch for a guy who's never seen a real steelhead)

    Photo link to the gallery of those received so far...

    Photographed the boxes today as I assembled them. Some lucky bidders are going to be very happy.

  2. kelvin

    kelvin Active Member

    Ok Ed I am good for a couple
  3. Trevor Thorp

    Trevor Thorp Happy to be home in the NW

    Count me in.
  4. Jergens

    Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

    i can do that, drop me your address via pm
  5. Whit

    Whit 19D

    I can do a couple Ed. I will send them along with your Secret Santa flies after the drawing.
  6. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks all. I'll PM my address to all who say I'm in. Whit, toss 'em in the box. Thanks again.
  7. Whit

    Whit 19D

    speaking of which... I assume that box is not part of your swap gift, correct?
  8. Im in...send me address please:thumb:
  9. Craig Schulz

    Craig Schulz Midwest transplant, but taking root nicely....

    Count me in as well, I can spare a few, send the address...
  10. Kerfwappie

    Kerfwappie Member

    I'm in. I see what I can work up.
  11. western

    western New Member

    count me in with a few.
  12. Brian Thomas

    Brian Thomas Active Member

    It`s getting to be too cold here to fish , so I`ll have lots of time to tie . You can put me down for a few .
  13. orangeradish

    orangeradish Bobo approved

    I can throw a few together for you.
  14. I'm in. Might not have time until the beginning of January, though..
  15. Eric Tarcha

    Eric Tarcha gear whore

    Ed, I will send a few flies as well.
  16. Kim Ferris

    Kim Ferris left-handed sort of way

    i'm tying for santa this weekend. i'll let myself get carried away and tie a few more. send an address. no, they will not be the same as the santa swap - no cheap hints coming that way.

  17. Well mummbles, I got some tied for ya, and will be shipping soon. There is only 3 flies, I have been super busy:eek:. I guess every little bit helps....:thumb:

  18. Sourdoughs

    Sourdoughs -Marc Chapman, icthyoantagonist

    Count me in too. Any sort of theme or package idea? Just any ol' pattern?
  19. docspratley

    docspratley New Member

    I have a few arround and will be glad to send some. I have been at the tying bench a lot latly. I could put a dosen or so toghter and not miss them.
  20. TD

    TD Active Member

    I read this yesterday and sat down at the vise. I tied 3 each:

    #12 Elk Hair Caddis
    #14 Parachute Adams
    #8 Olive Bead Head Nymph
    #12 Pheasant Tail Nymph

    I'm not the greatest tier in the world. If you think you can use these, I can send them your way. I don't have an address for you though.