Another Junior Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Nick Riggs, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Done and sent. 2 patterns, one caddis type dry and a sjw
  2. damn these 2 flys are awesome from lx-88. got them yesterday. still waiting on the other 4 people. todays the deadline but dont worry about that just have them here whenever you can. roadhog :thumb:
  3. Sorry about that, it's kind of a bad week it's my fault though, I'm sorry, I'll try to mail them next day tomorrow.
  4. Who do you guys on the international team compete against? Mars :rofl: . But seriously, are u on the welsh team? Where you in the czech last year? Are you one of these fine gentalmen?


    If you are indeed on of those dudes, tell one of the shorter ones (maybe that is u) that he owes me 20 euro for that casting bet and never payed up. I will be there this year to collect :rofl: Welsh dude, you know who you are and I want my money!

  5. Watch out! There might be some Brokeback action in the works when Andy is in Europe this year.
  6. still waiting for absolute hog, shad king, and gitto. when i receive them all i will get them back to you. roadhog :thumb:
  7. still waiting on 3 people!!! as soon as i get them you will get them back. thanx roadhog :thumb:
  8. Any updates? Come on guys, let's get these in so we can all fish with some new patterns!
  9. swaps done
    Sorry but I'm closing this swap due to nonparticaption. Please donot sent any flies if you have not already. Thanx, roadhog :thumb:
  10. RoadHog, Answer my PM's.
  11. nick answer your PM's :thumb:
  12. ha ha that's funny. Do you work second shift or do you just stay up late all the time?
  13. drive truck at nite!! this is when i get a chance to check everything. :thumb:

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