another killer deal on used Cataraft

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by shawn k, May 14, 2012.

  1. Somebody ought to be all over this. Tubes alone cost that.
  2. Great deal, someone needs to jump on this. I just built a 12' cat with cheapo Maxxon tubes for slightly under that price... might have rethought my decision to build one if I had seen something like this for sale.
  3. That is one really nice boat! Well thought out design by one of the most respected names in the business. Those Cobra oar locks are proof of that. Only one word of caution for prospective buyers, give serious thought to how & where you will store it. UV is hell on rubber/plastic. And temp changes can wreck the tubes if not monitored. BTDT
  4. Glad I did not read this a few days ago. I drove through Portland and back last weekend. I would have stopped by to see it, which would have been bad for my wallet!
  5. That's an insane deal! I paid that much for my AIRE tubes alone. Wish I hadn't seen this post!
  6. Suddenly I want a banana!
  7. If you watch Craigslist in Portland theres usually a couple of good deals on used Catarafts. Thatpsycho from canyon is always advertising on there to.
  8. He's actually advertising on the Seattle Craigslist too. I've seen them posting up there a few times.

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