Another Lake on the way out????

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Golden Trout, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Left Aeneas in worse shape than I found it last fall! That is, only four fish with lesions and one with a grossly deformed upper jaw. Most troubling of all, was water temps near 60 degrees, "Already"! Many opening days on Aeneas were filled with hills covered with snow and ice in the guides.
  2. I fished a lake yesterday and although I had great fishing, I was surprised to see the surface temperature at 59-60 degrees. I thought this was way to warm for this early in the season. I wouldn't expect to see those temperatures until May, not before the general lowland opener.
  3. I have noticed the unusally warm water as well in the lakes, especially in eastern washington. The only good thing is with all this warm weather all our snow will melt sooner bringing the rivers into shape quicker I guess.
  4. GT, that's sad to hear. Just two years Aeneas was filled with 14-18 kickass fish. The occasional bigass brown too, just ask Islander. Last year paled by comparison. It makes one wonder what's getting pumped into the lake...
  5. Roper: Do you suppose a filter could be placed on that intake? I can only imagine what type of filter it would take to block out the tiny parasites that are causing the problem. Desperate times . . . .
  6. I fished Aeneas all last year right up until the season closed and the fish looked great, surprised to hear that they deteriated over winter. Especially when they don't pump any water into it during the winter. I will be spending a lot of time on the lake starting here in a couple weeks and see for myself.
  7. GT, our results on Saturday were much better, all healthy fish, good fighters, only one had a hint of white haze on it.
  8. Fished Aneas Sat. Morn from just before daybreak to about 10:30 a.m. Released one fish, illegally (trolling) while looking for pods of fish on the side finder. Talked to a guy who had been there since Wednesday who managed four trout a day.

    At times echoes were lined up like chord wood at about 7 ft. Chironomids that had produced well in the past did not elicit one single contact. I carefully watched trollers and saw no splashes. Finally fished a deep six line straight off the bottom with a steady strip and let down to get three eventual bumps.

    As I reported earlier, both my partner and I managed 4 fish on opening day. All four were covered with lesions with one fish having a visibly deformed upper jaw. I do not see any fish with "white haze" which I assume you are looking for around the eye area. I am talking very visual lesions (grayish depressions in the skin) throughout the entire body. Last fall, one of these diseased fish was covered with lesions and light brown bumps from nose to tail fin.

    Seriously, I am glad that everyone else is catching lots of hard fighting, healthy fish.
  9. Fished Aeneas all weekend, All but one fish looked great. the one fish looked a little gray around dorcel fin but but up a hell of a fight.

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