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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ChrisW, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. ChrisW

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    I am going to the Bozeman area in a couple weeks and I was not even considering bringing my fly rod, but I heard of some others going out and flinging some flies. Some checking around revealed that most of the area rivers are OPEN. Has anyone ever fished this area (or the rockies in general) in winter? From what I see, the nearby rivers are the Gallatin and the Yellowstone. I will be bringing my skis too so I won't be relying on flyfishing for entertainment, but it would be nice to get out on the rivers while I'm there.

  2. Kringle

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    I've never been out there in the winter but the Gallatin is my favorite in that area in the summer. If you're downhill skiing ya can't beat Bridger Bowl!!! Hyalite Canyon north of town would probably have some good cross country trails and the Hyalite creek is a great small stream fishery, although again I've only fished it in the summer. I'm so jealous, I won't get out there again till summer. Enjoy the trip!!!
  3. Luv2flyfish

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    Bridger Bowl, from what I have heard is a Great resort. As well, any opportunity to fish the mighty Yellowstone is a good thing. A very good friend that lives in Ashton is from Boze. I will ask him about the fishing this time of year and get back with you.
  4. flyfishr

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    I have fished the Madison below Quake lake a number of times in the winter. From my experience, to minimize the drift ice it is best to be below a dam or lake. I've hade some great nymph fishing in the winter and generally a lot of wildlife to watch. :thumb