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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by James W. Haan, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. I just finished this 8' pram from a set of Glen-L plans with a few modifications. I built one last fall that was painted, this one like Yellow Labs is marine mahogany.
  2. Congratulations on a great job. I have built a few prams and I can appreciate the fine craftsman.
  3. I want one, what is the cost for materials.
  4. That is gorgeous James! Where will you do your maiden voyage?
  5. Maiden voyage is here in Benicia on the Cartinez Strait. First fish trip will be a small Sierra lake, probably Burnside.
  6. Great job! How much does she weigh?
  7. She weights about 70lbs due to the extra wood for the floor and floatation chambers. 8' long by 3'-11" wide , fits in the back of the suburban, no trailer needed. On a different note Paul, I met you several years ago when you were in the Bay area and we were on Putah Creek. Thanks for turning me on to this site.
  8. Nice! I miss Benicia! The waterfront festival, The Pass time, The Spot.
  9. The Pass time and the Spot are still there but the waterfront festival is no more due to a death in the boat races.
  10. That's too bad. I haven't been down there for 7 years or so. Nevertheless, nice pram James!
  11. Excellent Craftsmanship! I've been debating about building one vs. buying one. I really like the 10' Smith Pram Yellowlab has up for sale. I also enjoy projects and can't seem to make a decision on either direction.

    Since you've built a couple what advise would give someone considering taking on the project?

    It that a black plastic strip along the bottom edge, black paint to cover up glass along the seam, or simply accent color?
  12. Sweet boat. What was the construction time/cost?
  13. Small world! Nice!!! Putah is a nice little fishery, but too bad its so crowded. If you're ever up north send me a PM, and I'll connect you with some better fishing.
  14. My advice is if you have carpenter skills you can build one of these. The original plans say they can be built on a weekend but this one took about 32 hrs. Total materials a little less than $600.00, you could build it for less if you used regular exterior ply but you would not get the rich mahogany color. My first one was painted an turned out fine. The black strip is for accent to the different shades of wood on the inside , white oak, redwood and sapele.

    As for Putah Creek, as of last Dec, it is now C&R year round. A group that I am with, PCT , teamed up with Ca Fish and Game. to get the regs changed
  15. These are some of the fish we catch on Putah.
  16. James,
    Very nice pram! Congrats on the new boat, must feel great to finish a project like that. Don't think I will have the same feeling when I finish the back deck next weekened. haha

    Putah Creek, wow! My brother lives in Angwin (sp?) and I understand he's not far from Putah. Can't believe he has not taken me there on my visits. Next time for sure.

  17. Thank you for the input James.
  18. A splendid job James. That was 32 hours and $600 well spent! :thumb:

  19. Terrific job on a very good looking boat. Do you think the V bottom in the stern will have an adverse effect on stability? I'm sure it will ride smoother when the water's rough though.

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