Another nice Hawaiian Bonefish

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Coach Duff, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Here is the infamous Doug from Doug's Bugs fame with his first Hawaiian bonefish just under 8 pounds. He lost a huge fish that took his Sharkskin line with it into the coral. When I say took, I mean it's gone forever. Lost. Stolen, Broke off. With some backing.:beer2: And yes he's pushing the fish out, but hey I'm in the damn entertainment business.:D Tight lines boys and swing a fly for me. I miss our steelhead every day. The Coach
    PS Doug is a hell of a fisherman.

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  2. Coach, stop with the bone fishing in paradise torture.
  3. Holy crap, lost line and part of the backing.
    I need a bigger outfit.
    Beautiful fish, you the coach, Coach
  4. Hey Duff when I get back to the Islands Im gonna look you up.
  5. That is awesome.

    Hey Coach, why don't bonefish guys use some super line made out of kevlar for backing?

    Wouldn't that handle the coral a little better?
  6. I'll swing some flies for you friday coach, just as long as you catch a few bonefish for me
  7. Coach....nice fish, bet you made his day! Looking forward to a few for me and a brew with you in Jan-Feb...Jim
  8. Damnit Coach! You're making it pretty difficult for me to wait 'til November!
  9. Coach, when are you inviting me over for dinner and fishing? Hell, I could not affort the flight anyway, but I can dream. Someday I'll fish the Kenai, Hawaii and maybe Belize, but no time soon with this economy.

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