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Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by McNasty, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. caught my first catfish on the fly today.took a white sparkly minnow pattern with tons of flash,boy what a fight!
  2. Double hell yes!! That's a slob!!
  3. Congrats! Caught one a few weeks ago on a larger Carp pattern . . . took me 20 minutes to clean all of the slime off my leader from the critter rolling on it.
  4. Congrats..... but one ugly fish!
  5. Yes!! I want one.
  6. WOW, what a beast! What size rod?
  7. caught him on a 6 wt. fishin for trout/bass, and that was barely enough rod to land it. the net scale said 22-23 lbs.
  8. Wow, that is a pig! Nice work!
  9. That's a big catfish. I understand the part about "barely enough rod" as I hooked one on Sprague Lake fishing for panfish. It was in the 8-10 lb range and had the spinning rod bending from the cork.

    So, is the catfish now fish and chips or back in the pond you caught it from? I'm assuming you were pond fishing.
  10. Nice Fishy!! Were you trying to get it or was it by-catch.
  11. actually it was in a pretty big lake, he was kickin it right up against the boulder/rocky shore where i was throwing flies for big bass and trout. i know they'll hit flies but it was the last thing i was expecting. thought i had a huge brown or bass on at first.
  12. looks like a blue, anyone certain enough to confirm? well done nasty.
  13. I'd go channel cat what with all of them in the state.
  14. you're right bill. i was looking at the absence of spots, but several sites say that larger specimens may not have them. anal fin is the clincher from what i can find - blues have a straight one, channels have a rounded one.
  15. figured it was a channel but if anyone knows otherwise i'd be happy to hear. i dont know a whole lot about catfish species.
  16. either way, that is some good shit right there!!!

    so far, the only catfish I've caught on a fly was a bullhead...perfect bait for what you've got there.
  17. I've caught catfish with a fly before but nothing that big! Geezus!

    And yes, they do put up a pretty good fight.

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