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  1. My Medalist 1494 and 1594 reels are set up for LH drive, and I have noticed that the clicker is louder when I'm reeling in than when a fish is stripping out line. To me, this seems bass-akwards. I prefer the quieter click (or none at all) when reeling in, and the louder one that sings out when a fish is running off line.
    If I switch the reels over to RH drive, then I'll get the desired effect. The reels will now sing louder when the line is paying out.
    I haven't figured out how to get the clickers to work the way I like 'em to when I have the reels set up for LH drive. So they are going back to RH drive, so I can enjoy their vocals.
    Can the clickers be changed so that the louder sound is produced when line is being stripped off the reels, if they are set up for LH drive?

    My 1492 1/2 is RH drive (only), and I have both clickers engaged so that it really screams when a nice fish rips out some line. I have it loaded with a 4 wt Cortland clear camo intermediate full-sinking line for lake fishing, and I often hook into some dandy trout that really get it singing.
  2. Jim,
    If you look closely, you will see that the detents on the ratchet plate are either not the same in design on each side of the plate or they differ in number. The detents are what makes the sound when they engage the pawl. If you have the plate in wrong, it may sound good but the drag won't work.
  3. Thanks Jack. I noticed that about the plates. I figured out that I am stuck with the choice of keeping the reels set up for LH drive with the faint-sounding outgoing click, or switching them back to RH drive with the louder click.
    I think I'm going for the loud click.
  4. Jim, did you rotate the spring detent? I believe it's ramped asymmetrically, that could be causing your issue.
  5. Jim, for a small fee I will make a digital recording of my Hardy St. John going full tilt. We can have that put on a chip and mounted on one of your Medalists. Your desire for a loud click will be satisfied.:)
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  6. Yes, I did. Thanks for the suggestion. That didn't affect the loudness of the clicks. I think it has to do with the different # and design of of the detents on either side of the ratchet plate, like Jack mentioned in his reply. The info sheet that came with my 1494 mentions that the clicker is supposed to be quieter on the retrieve, and the accompanying drawing shows it set up for RH retrieve.
    I'm setting all my Medalists up for RH retrieve.
  7. What!!! :eek: A "digital Medalist" would be some kind of travesty!
  8. I have never actually had a Medalist before so have only read about converting them LHW online as I was considering getting one. It definitely appeared that LHW was not as good as RHW. Having the clicks backwards is a side effect I hadn't heard of, definitely a strike against LHW configuration.
  9. Jim,
    You might want to ask Dan Hill of One-P-Foot if the drag/ratchet plates he makes have the same type of detent and same number of detents on each side. I have seen and handled them but can't recall how they are configured.
  10. Was playing around with my model 1494 AK (later version made in China) and noticed that its ratchet plate had the same number and design of detents on each side. So then I realized that the louder click was coming from the OTHER clicker, which is located in the spool drum. Its the one that clicks during line retrieve. By design, it appears to be louder than the drag clicker located under the drag ratchet.

    Dang! I guess that these Medalist reels with the shoe drag will always be louder when in retrieve mode than they will be when a fish is peeling off line. :(
  11. Jim/Jack, FYI. I just bought a couple new (replacement) disks from Dan Hill. He's a great guy to converse with BTW. I bought new disks for my two 1495s. They are the same disks as in the 1494 & 1494.5. I converted both reels to left hand wind a few years ago but the lack of clicker drag ultimately led me to onePfoot. Well worth it. Don't hesitate to make the call, or type.

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