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  1. A couple of friends of mine went to the Cabela's in Lacey and had an experience where the price of an item on the shelf did not match the price at the item at the register. The shelf price was lower. Fortunately for them, one of them had a smart phone and looked the price up online. The online price matched the shelf price, so the cashier rang them up for the lower price. That occurred on more than one item.
  2. Cabela's, the Walmart of American sporting life.
  3. i absolutely hate the "stores", i only go in there if a friend insists, or i have a gift card, they have at most 5 percent of their catalog items in the store. most everytime i have ever gone into a store with a list, from the catalog, i walk out without buying even one item, and swearing ill never go back, but i do:(
  4. I used to shop there quite a bit back when I lived in SD and had a store a couple miles away from the house. I still get mailed the hardback catalogs from the amount of money I spent in there. I've bought some stuff that was great quality wise and, at the time, went thru some ice shanties that were less quality. Couldn't beat their return policy back then with a stick. Something wrong, just take it back for an exchange. I'd run my shanty all winter, have a couple problems, and take it in for an exchange on another. Did that like three times. I was pretty hard on shanties.

    Now that I don't live close to one, my Cabela's purchases have reduced to almost nil. Always such a pain to return stuff by mail.
  5. Point of information. I am an enforcement officer in my state and although my area is a "pesticide use enforcement", I have a license for the "Weights and Measures" enforcement. I will tell you all that if you ever see a posted price, and the register tries to sell it to you for a different price, they must give it to you for the posted price. If not, take a picture of the display, get the manager, and tell them that your next call is to the Weights and measures office. If they still won't sell it, call them with the complaint. The fine will be a good one, then they crawl up their backside finding other stuff. They don't want them in their stores. This goes for what ever store, whatever item, even if the sale was over and they forgot to take the sign down. Scanners are also on the list, so they nail them there as well. Don't let them get away with this stuff. Weights and Measures was created for a reason folks.
  6. I picked up a sweet jacket for three bucks because of that law.
  7. this is the balanced view IMO. i love cabelas for what they are and i'm glad they opened one at tulalip. of course you're going to be disappointed if you compare them straight up with a local shop run by a passionate and skilled entrepreneur/merchant - and to me they simply can't compete head to head with a local shop, just the like the local shop can't compete head to head with them - two different animals, but cabela's knows their market and it's on the local entrepreneur to know his or pay the price for not competing in a savvy fashion. the market is cruel, and we make the market, not cabelas. "adapt or perish". i love the local shops but i resent the idea of an appeal to my sympathy or my conscience to gain my business. this is commerce - if you have a better value, sell it, market it, don't preach it. preaching is for politics and faith, not selling recreational equipment.

    i do find it fascinating and ironic how many of the posts here complain that there are few real bargains (which i agree with), since the majority of threads bashing the big store seem to focus on the way they run small local shops into the ground with prices the locals can't compete with.

    with or without cabelas, 8 of 10 small businesses will fold within two years, less than one in ten will survive to ten years. that's always been true and it points to the most common reasons small fly shops close - the people who run them don't possess much business/marketing savvy, and it typically takes a few years to gain it through experience. meanwhile, it only takes a couple years to run out of financing while operating at a loss.
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  8. I check the web and came up with a few. Could you please list the number for "Weights and Measures enforcement" I want to put that in my phone.
  9. Good point about the Weights and Measures!

    I have never lived near a Cabelas. I have never even been in a Cabelas. I have been in other similar stores like Bass Pros in Las Vegas. That store was impressive with the sheer volume of merchandise, the indoor archery range, the gun rooms, and the huge aquarium displays. The downside is of course they are much more impersonal. They don't yell your name when you come in. You don't bring beer in at the end of the day and sit out front talking fly fishing. And, from what I've seen, the sales staffs are far less knowledgeable.

    In my mind it's an obvious trade off. I don't go to Burger King expecting a pampered "just the way I like it" burger. I don't go to CostCo expecting a salesperson to follow me around and loading stuff in my basket. On the other side I don't expect my Mom and Pop fly shop to have a massive casting pond and five different kinds of driftboats on display.
  10. Me too. I used to frequent Hook Line & Sinker because they stocked a lot of things that I needed and the staff were great. And being a general fishing shop, not a fly shop, there was no attitude or arrogance. But I've gone to some small shops that had shit service too.
    I still haven't heard back from All About the Fly on the two sets of waders they ordered for me back in about '06 and '08. Every time I called they said they'd call me when they show up.
    And I left an armload of stuff on the counter at another place after their staff wouldn't break from their personal conversation to ring me up.
    The nice thing about Cabela's is that they have a little of everything. When I shop I'm usually looking for more than just a fly fishing item.
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  11. I stopped shopping at Cabela's when I went to one.
  12. Topstoy,

    Really? It's that big a deal to you? Cabela's is a big box store with lots of people. People make mistakes. So Cabela's makes a lot of them. And other people can't make you feel like an idiot, so don't blame them. Only you can decide when to feel like an idiot. Unless you are an idiot.

    And in my experience Cabela's low end fly rods are an amazingly good deal considering the quality per dollar. I have 3 of them, although one is a replacement for one that broke while casting. But I've also seen high end rods blow up in use, so I don't hold that against them.

    Cabela's is a unique experience, 3 acres of camo clothing under one roof! Many in women's fashion camo styles no less. I get a kick out of the place, but it's not the best stop for fly fishing tackle.

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  13. I'm going to speak in defense of Cabela's, at least their products. I have 2 rods/reels and a pair of waders/boots from Cabelas. I don't like to blow a fortune on a new activity right up front, and Cabela's brand represents a good value/$ as mentioned above.

    I agree their service/knowledge isn't very good, but prices for a starting fly fisherman are good. If I thought I had to spend much more than I did to start up, I probably wouldn't have bothered. I plan to use my Cabela's stuff until it doesn't work anymore, and then maybe I can afford something else.
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  14. Yes Sg it is a big deal to me, when they act like it's my mistake and not theirs and not even a "were sorry we made a mistake". Yes good custumer service is important to me. Especially when they do not have the cheapest prices, yes they are a big box store like Walmart and if their prices were similar then I would expect crappy service like Walmart. I am guessing that you work there and I am sorry I offended you!
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  15. I only buy online and only when I can't find a product locally. I've never had a problem ordering directly from the company. If anything, their service has always been excellent. It sounds like I should avoid the retail stores and I will.

    Yes indeed, "bait and switch is illegal" in just about any State. If a product is marked as on sale it must be sold at that price. They can take the sign down but as long as it is up, they don't have a choice. If anyone runs into that situation anywhere, ask to speak to the store manager if the cashier says there's nothing they can do, they are wrong. Personally, I would have reported them to the Better Business Bureau. I've worked in the auto biz for 35 years and if an auto is offered for sale in a newspaper or any advertisement or has a sign on the window, it MUST be sold for that amount.

    Same goes for any retail business and any product. As I know how this stuff comes down, If I were you, I'd call the store manager and complain. You should receive a refund for the difference.
  16. Most places I have ever shopped that made that mistake, ALWAYS gave the item to me for the price marked and then changed the sign. I would have gotten the manager out ther lickity split and I would have gotten it for the marked price or they would have been tolded that they lost me as a customer and everybody I know in person or on the forums would stop shopping there.
  17. My 2cents. A long while back, I ordered a Cabela's brand fly rod and reel as a backup. Quickly realized they were both complete crap, though they were not their bottom-of-the-line versions. The drag adjust on the reel was literally a screw with a loose piece of plastic rod under it that pushed on the spool. Unbelievably poor design and production specs. I understand the issue with service at a big box store. It's hard to find and keep knowledgeable employees. But the fact that they were willing to market such poor equipment means low standards at corporate HQ. I've never gone back.
  18. I don't have an axe to grind with Cabelas but there is nothing in their stores that I want or need.
    I do stop off at the Lacey store maybe once a year just to see the Cub hanging from the ceiling.
  19. I check the online bargin basement once a week. Every now and then a deal comes through that is to good to pass up. Personally I don't have anything bad to say about Cabelas but I choose my purchases wisely from cabelas. I've known a few people that ended up returning cabelas gear because it didn't hold up to consistent use. I will say my Cabelas three forks 3wt is awesome! Love that rod!
  20. I don't buy much from them these days either...quality dropped and prices increased. That said, the folks that work there are just out trying to make a living like the rest of us.
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